Dolls (1/4)
Yumiko Kawahara
Viz Media

(Chapters 1-6 / 2 extra stories)

Recently I have been in the mood for an episodic manga that shares a common theme. I stumbled upon a series called Dolls, not to be confused with Mihara Mitsukazu’s Doll.

Ok I love Petshop of Horrors, so it’s rather not surprising that I end up liking Doll. They shared the same basic plot, a store that sells certain things to fulfill one’s desire. Petshop of Horrors sells exotic animals as pets while Dolls have Plant Dolls.

Plant Dolls are special dolls, they are humanlike. Instead of the person choosing them it chooses it’s owner based on rapport, emotional trust. In order for dolls to stay healthy and beautiful they need their owners love. They should be given milk 3 times a day and fed a sugar cookie once a week. If these rules are not followed it could lead dolls to wilt, or become mature. The shop that sells these dolls is manage by a young man who likes to drink tea. Once a Plant Doll has taken a liking to a person, she will be hard to sell that’s why the young man always offers discounts since the dolls are expensive. Plant Dolls can also produce a jewelry like tears called “Tears of Heaven”.

This is a collection of short stories about Plant Dolls and their owner. The first volume contains 6 stories about dolls and 2 short stories.

The first one revolved around a man who ended up spoiling his doll and grew into a mature doll. Then the second one revolved around a foreign man that purchased a Plant doll for her daughter’s sake. This one is unusual since the man is like an OCD to the smell of his surroundings. He returns the doll because of its smell. My favourite out of the stories revolved around a poor young man who came into possesion of a doll. It was bittersweet since the young man died taking care of the doll, it remained gorgeous though, proof that the young man cared for her enormously.

The variety of the stories presented here were great. The stories can be haunting, tragic or fairy-tale like that focuses on human nature and their relation towards Plant Dolls. The art is strikingly gorgeous. The Dolls might seem carbon copies of each other but their gowns are to die for. It’s full of frills, ribbons and sparkles.

The extra stories at the end were lacking but that’s my only complain. Totally Recommended.


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