Evyione: Ocean Fantasy


Evyione: Ocean Fantasy (1/ongoing)
Kim Young Hee
Udon Entertainment

Evyione is a re-telling of the story of “The Little Mermaid”. Only the characters were reversed. Instead of a mermaid we have a merman. Evyione follows the same concept of the story, this might hinder the impact of the series but fortunately not in the least. Plenty of things are added and the story is well written. The art is eye catching as well.

Set in a fictional kingdom of Emvonia, a time where young maidens still wears corsets and statuses are much to be addressed. Under the very depths of this kingdom’s ocean live a merman king. The King is fascinated by the light above the water surface. On the day of Princess Evyione’s birthday she fell out of the ship and is rescued by the King. He saved her from drowning, and brought her to land, he then fell in love. Wehn Evyione awoke she found herself in the care of a handsome stranger.

This first volume focused around developing the romance between the King’s rival for Evyione’s affection. In the short time Evyione spend with this man she finds herself falling for him. Meanwhile the King of the ocean is having a bargain with the Witch of the depths. He asked her for a pair of legs, and of course the Witch wanted his voice in return.

Everything was set and the plot moves at a good paced. It’s interesting to see where this love triangle would go. I especially enjoyed the time period of the series, the growing feelings of Evyione towards the strange man. The ending was such a cliffhanger, while Evyione was visiting her mother’s grave, she and the merman King met under a thundery, dark weather. I am very much intruiged to see how the King would compete for Evyione’s feelings since he is mute.

Sadly this first volume of Evyione was released years ago. I don’t know if this series is dropped nor the company is shutdown. It’s a shame, Evyione is one of the promising manhwa out there and I just wish it gets rescued.

Update: Udon entertainment shutdowned years ago. Here’s hoping some production company rescues this, Yen Press.


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