Get Backers


Get Backers (1/39)
Aoki Yuya (Author)
Ayamine Rando (Artist)

(Parts 1-5)

This is such a cool series. I like the street style lingo, I find it funny. Ginji Amano and Ban Mido are both awesome main characters. They are the Get Backers. They get back any lost or stolen items, with a 100% success rate. Ginji and Ban are not your ordinary teenagers as they both possessed special abilities. Ginji can produce Electricity from his body. Ban in the other hand, have “The Evil Eye” which allows him to create horrific illusion at his target, but only for a duration of one minute.

The premise of the story is simple. They get hire by people to recover something then get paid. Not so easy, since clients are hard to come by. Thus lead our duo wandering of the street, trying to survive a day one meal at a time. They are hopeless punks, and they know it. It’s all very humorous.

The art is cool. As I mentioned before, this is a COOL series no doubt. It has its fair of fanservice; panty flash, boob-grabbing, & well endowed women. Still Get Backers is tamer than the most of ecchi series. These fanservice does not happen that often maybe not yet on this first volume.

I seriously like the first client they had, the elementary kid, who gave them 10 cents just to get back his Final Fantasy game. That part made me LOL. The pacing was never dull, the series strength lies on its entertainment value. Get Backers can be heartwarming as well, like the part when Genji and Ban helped an elder man retrieved his daughter from Yakuza.

By the end of volume one, our heroes found theirselves caught into a confusion of commotion. After retrieving a gigantic “Maneki Neko”, a cat figurine that brings prosperity into business, Genji unknowingly came to possess an important disk. Thus the volume ended on a cliffhanger.

If you have not yet read or been meaning to check this series out, you are missing one of the most entertaining series out there. Give Get Backers a try. I’m looking forward if the series turns into something complex, but for now it is definitely a solid fun series.


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