Eyeshield 21 3


Eyeshield 21 (3/37)
Inagaki Riichiro (Author)
Yuurata Yusuke (Artist)
(Chapters 17-18)

I continued on reading just to see if the Devilbats (Sena’s team) would beat their rival, the White Knights. But of course they lost, afterall White Knights are like one of the best team and Devilbats were made up of amateur misfit players.

Sena developed a liking to Football. After the match he realized that he misses playing & practicing football. He became quite fond of the game. Sena wanted to beat Shin, his new found rival when it comes to speed but they have lost their chance to play already.  But fortunately he can still face him off in some kind of tournament, dunno exactly what kind but yeah. The series continues on.

We got introduced to a new team member. Raimon aka Monta thanks to Haruma’s nicknaming scheme. Monta is from a baseball club who dreams of becoming the best catcher although his team member thinks otherwise. I dunno much, since I was half paying attention to the details. At the end Raimon joined the football team. I liked how this series introduces its characters slowly and gave them a plenty of time to developed.

It really is a shame that I lost my interest. No denying it but when you’re finding yourself drifting out of the game like I did, then you know it’s time to give up.

Overall if you’re a fan of sports, especially football you’ll love Eyeshield 21. The art is great. Yuurata Yusuke is very impressive with its characters facial emotions and body language. The characters are engaging. The series is funny and informative. So don’t take my ramblings discouraged you. I still think this is a great series. It’s just that I’m more on romance than shounen.


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