Eyeshield 21


Eyeshield 21 (1/37)
Inagaki Riichiro (Author)
Yuurata Yusuke (Artist)

(Chapters 1-7 / Extras)

I’m not really a fan of sports manga or sports itself in general. Never was, never been and never will be. Comes Eyeshield 21, man this series is good. A quick read. Fun, hyper, silly and just plain good old shonen title.

Eyeshield 21 revolves around American Footbal. We’ve got a scrawny wimpy lead, Sena whom can run as fast as light itself. A loud, pushy, funny Haruma who blackmail people in order to get people into the football club. Loveable, huggle Kurita. Our muse Mamori, a childhood friend of Sena.

Problem is, their football team only consisted of three members, Sena, Haruma and Kurita. In order for them to compete in a tournament, Haruma would do some blackmailings just to gather up a team of misfits. This volume showed a first game in its entirety. It’s quite interesting since we’ve got a main character that isn’t particularly built for a standard Football game. Though Sena’s ability is what makes him a stand out & a valuable player.

For now Sena is known by his alias “Eyeshield 21” hence the series’s title. At the end of the volume they’ve managed to defeat their first opponent.

It’s upbeat. It has good characters and great art. It’s a good thing I have some more volumes to devour later on.


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