Moon Boy 1


Moon Boy (1/9)
Lee Young-You
Yen Press/Ice Kunion

To be honest I am not a fan of Manhwa. I find most of the manhwa series I read just mediocre. So I wasn’t expecting anything from reading Moon Boy.

Myung Ee and Yu Da are not human, they are Rabbits. Their descendants used to lived in the Moon until the foxes hunted them down for food. The Rabbits escaped to Earth and thus been living with human ever since. Sound quite interesting and ozzing with potential, right?

Unfortunately Moon Boy was mediocre at best. Myung Ee’s crazy boy personality was irritating. Moon Boy was good at first but after awhile it didn’t hold up to its amazing premise. Myung Ee and Yu Da doesn’t know they’re Earth Rabbits until a fox attacked Yu Da. After the attack, Yu Da and everyone around him forgot about his existance except for Myung Ee.

Fast forward to future, Myung Ee attended High school in a new place. In her new school she crossed path with Yu Da, except she’s the only one who had the memory. Yu Da’s life after the attack has been all lies. The person who rescued Yu Da from the fox became his caretaker.

It seemed complex but it was Yu Da that turned out to be a Black Rabbit who can give immortality to whoever eats his blood or whatever. The foxes needed to protect Yu Da until he is mature enough to be devoured.

I didn’t liked this series at all. The jokes weren’t funny. The humor were terrible like taking off a girls panty then hang it up at the bulletin. It’s seriously out of proportion. There was another character who plan to rescue Yu Da from the foxes forgot his name though but something with “V” at the end. He’s from Shanri La, a group of skilled Rabbits that fights off Foxes. He proposed to Myung Ee after seeing her “bum bum” you know what it is.

It’s too bad, the premise was much better than the actual story. I dunno if the series was just cluttered or full of fillers but it wasn’t working for me. The art is the only redeeming factor it had. It was poorly executed, characters were annoying and the jokes were just awful. The story is confusing and the flow of the story was inconsistent. Random things just happened all at once that it was just too much.

Ugh sorry for the rant.


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