Here is Greenwood 1


Here is Greenwood (1/9)
Yukie Nasu
Viz Media

Chapters 1-5

This another series that was titled after its setting. Greenwood is the name of the Dormitory Hasukawa moved into. Greenwood is supposed to be famous for its bizzare occupants. As weird as the students are, the story itself was tad confusing.

Kazuya Hasukawa is our main guy, he enrolled late to school due to being hospitalized when the term started. He idolizes his older brother so he decided to follow his footsteps and enrolled to Ryokuto Academy, an All-Boys School. His older brother was the one who practically raised him since their parents died of an accident when they were little.

Though Hasukawa was forced to leave their house after his brother was married to his first love. Hasukawa thought it was not appropriate to live with them in the same roof.

The series is episodic, pretty much focused around the life of the 4 characters; Hasukawa, Shun, Shinobu and Mitsuru. The characters were definitely out of the norm, including the other students as well. It was not a bad read but to be honest it was not good either. The art is outdated which I like, love the classic look. But since it was quite confusing I couldn’t get into the series. The characters especially the boys all looked the same. I didn’t find the humor to be effective as it should be.

The other series that was named after its setting was Maison Ikkoku, you might want to check it out. If you like Here is Greenwood, I highly think that Maison Ikkoku will be to your liking.


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