Mamotte! Lollipop 1


Mamotte! Lollipop (1/7)
Michiyo Kikuta
Del Rey

I assume this series was aimed towards pre-teen girls. The story was childish. There was not much of a plot in this first volume. Zero and Ichi are training to become professional wizards. In order for that to happen they must get the crystal pearl in the human world. You see in this series, Zero and Ichi aren’t human and are not from Earth. The pearl was accidentaly swallowed by Nina, the Earthling main character. So for 6 months, Zero and Ichi need to protect Nina from the other Wizard candidates that are after the Pearl.

Nothing much really, it tried to be sweet but failed miserably. I guess I am old for this series. I did not even finished reading the volume. There are far more better shojo fluff out there. If you dig the art I supposed you’ll find Kitchen Princess much better. Check that out instead.

This series should be good for children though, especially girls.


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