Future Diary


Future Diary (1/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 1-4

This is quite an interesting series.. I like its premise; its a survival of death game like Hunger Games and even Deathnote. The series kicked off pretty fast, showing a glimpse of the future of our main character Yukiteru. He was given one of the 12 “Future Diaries” in the form of cellphones by a strange imaginary being known as “The God of Time & Space.” Little did he know that this imaginary Lord is for real! So with this Cellphone Diary he is able to know about the future. Things got seriously scary as the holders of these Future Diaries will need to ensure they survive the killing game. Only 1 of the 12 holders should survive and thus becoming the successor of the Gods “Throne”. So it’s “Kill or be Killed” kind of game.

Well I certainly enjoyed it quite abit. So far the main character is just your typical loner main guy. I’m quite on the fence with the main girl though, Yuno seems a little shallow and passive. I hope we get to see a growth in her character, for now she is definitely obsessed with Yukiteru. Dang girl 10 minutes of his future like are you for real! lol But yeah she isn’t your typical damsel in distress type of character as girlfriend is quite a soldier. She’ll do things to protect Yukiteru.

But yeah back to these Future Diaries, there are 12 diary cellphones with the identity of most of them still unknown. But all of them are expected to kill one another. Its alittle ubrupt and no explanations of how the others came into possession of these things, well not yet since it’s just the first volume. I’m still confused about how the diaries entries works. All I know is that each diaries have different entries. For example Yukiteru’s diary only tells the future that is happening around him, Yuno’s diary tells about Yukiteru’s future in every 10 minutes, there is one that tells about murder cases involved in the game etc.. Oh and if anything happens to these cellphones, like say it gets broken then its the end of the holders life. Oh and can someone tell me what is the purpose of this game? It seemed like Deus (The God) created this game out of the blue just to have people kill each other. I’m hoping for further details in the future volumes.

The only big problem I have with this volume though is that it seemed that the story and the set up of the game revolves solely on Yukiteru. It seems weird, but whatever of course he’s the main guy, he’s to get all the attention, eh? Then the other random nitpick I have is that I’m seriously baffled to how Minene, the 9th holder, planted all those random bombs at school ground in a matter of days? Like had sister been planting them bombs before even the series got into serialization. But yeah its prolly me nitpicking..

Anyway, the first volume had a good pacing, it managed to moved fast without being felt rushed. I’m quite interested to see where this would go but I have a feeling it’ll end just like the first Hunger Game book or movie.  The art is like any other shounen series out there.


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