Baby Birth


Baby Birth (1/2)
Story: Tomita Sukehiro
Art: Mikimoto Haruhiko

(Acts 1-10)

After reading the first volume of Baby Birth I came into conclusion that I either have problem following the story or I can’t seem to keep up with fast paced series.

This series literally left me void of all emotion. I just didn’t got hooked. Within couple of pages I was bombarded with informations the series started right off the bat. It never took a moment to have its reader grasped all the things that were happened. I know I haven’t processed most of the story, in fact because of this factor, the appeal it should have had were hindered.

Hizuru and her newly found partner in keeping the balance of “dark & light” were descendants of an ancient saviour. Takuya & Hizuru must work together to use their power to bring the demons back to where they belong. Without the other, their powers are useless as Takuya creates music to bring forth the warrior out of Hizuru.

It might be because this series is just 2 volumes long that the author never had the pleasure to present the story in a much narratively manner. I’m one of the readers that sometimes -well maybe most of the time – that couldn’t follow through a story if alot of informations are being thrown all together. I think the series could’ve been better if it took its time to set, especially because it’s an action series. I don’t know, I just could not keep up with the pacing. Future Diary was a fast paced series as well but the story was delivered in a clearly manner.

The art was the better part of this series. Its rather attractive. I love the old CLAMP-esque character designs. By not reading this series I can safely say that you’re not missing much. But if you are interested on obscure titles as me then go ahead. I merely bought this because its one of Tokyopop lesser known and earlier series. Its just another save the world series just like Planet Ladder from Tokyopop. At least that one is fairly long and had decent plot the art isn’t as gorgeous as this one though..


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