Future Diary 2


Future Diary (2/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 5-8

Alrighty, those Future Diaries isn’t limited to just being cellphones; there were different variations presented in the second volume. These future diaries could also be a scroll or a radio recorder of some sort. I definitely thought of it as original but yeah didn’t expect the author to be creative, lol.

Anyway randomness aside, man this series is just totally unpredictable. For one thing, the first chapter felt like a different series. It was like a chapter from a shojo series where the main couple were having their moments. But then in an instant it gets to a sudden turn around and becomes creepy and dark.

I’m all puzzled and curious about Yuno. At the beginning I wanted her to be developed as an established character but it scare me to know more about her than her obsession to Yuki. She is odd, it makes me think shes a bipolar. Her background story is disturbing. She’s just full of creepiness.

We got introduced to two diary holders. A young woman in a period kimono style clothing, like those for seer and a weirdo super ranger wannabe guy. Basically volume 2 tested Yuno and Yuki’s trust to each other. This volume focused much around Yuno.. Shes has an agile mind and a strong sense of perception. She’s alittle on the unstable side though I’m betting she’s bipolar if not girl has some psychological problem.. Yuki in the other hand though, he’s proving to be the main guy with no guts, incompetent – dependant guy. At this point Yuki is the “female” and Yuno is the male since she does everything for him. He needs to grow a backbone soon because it aint lookin good…

For me, the series is still inconsistent. Sometimes one chapter is amazing then it becomes rather decent. What bothers me most than Yuno’s creepy life style is with all the brutal scenes and the constant killing around them; the characters remain calm and collective. They even manage to smile once in a while. I find it rather peculiar, it seem like they’re all ok with it.

But all that aside the series is steadily becoming an enjoyable read.


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