Future Diary 3


Future Diary (3/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 9-13

Mmm volume 3.. where to begin? This volume as a whole seemed like a total filler. This is where the series falters for me..

So we eventually got introduced to Yuki’s mom. Yuno invited herself over to Yuki’s house so to meet her future mother-in-law and of course in a very unusual stalker kind of way.. But its not all that marry for everyone since Yuki’s mom have brought with her the 5th diary holder. Rei-kun is a child that has lost its parents and he carries a sort of child diary/planner notebook.

Throughout the volume under the Amano’s residency, Rei-kun constantly tried to kill Yuno. Rei shares some of Yuno’s characteristics as both has a tendency to be unstable. I would seriously bet that all of the “diary” holders have some form of mental illnesses, not just Yuno. Yuki on the other hand is quite the oddball. He still hasn’t have any of this psychotic behaviours, well maybe not yet. I wouldn’t be surprise if hed have a major outburst in the latter part of the story.

Halfway through the volume I became annoyed because of how things were goin.. The characters just goes in circles; like seriously, I was like that kid is an opponent kill him before he kills both of you! Yuno is the only saving grace of this volume. I was like go go go kill that brat when she wanted to stab Rei right then in there. Whats the point of finding the diary when you could have just easily kill the kid? Seriously.

That’s why I still think that this series is very inconsistent. I mean come on, having a survival game where everyone is expected to kill each other is abit tricky.. From the get go one should kill and should not form an alliance because in the end there is only one person left standing.. But heck there wouldn’t be a story or character development if alliances doesn’t exist. Rant over.. Minene (the 9th) should’ve just killed Yuki & Yuno. lol It was her chance.

I’m just glad the volume was over, it was almost a borefest. . Come on Future Diary, don’t falter now.

The big surprised though is, how on earth can a kindergarten kid think of some poison gas and kill people. WTF!?


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