Future Diary 4


Future Diary (4/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 14-18

Definitely I got served up an ever so random series. I was wishing for things to shaken up abit, but a new school with the potential of having a better storyline is definitely not looking great for me.

MAN. Future diary is losing its charm faster than Yuno’s perception and psychotic outbursts. I felt so lost by the end of this volume. Yukiteru is slowly getting on my nerves. You ungrateful wimp. I just wanna smack him and he cried too much in this volume. I hate the fact that he just take Yuno for granted. I know its hard to like someone who is potentially your stalker but come on she did saved his life more than enough.. At least give the girl some attention or concern. GOSH such ingrate.

Well this volume is like any previous volumes, we got introduced to another diary holder. I hated the game they played though. It was a borefest or maybe its because of the fact that I DID NOT GET it. But the series still delivered a dose of strongly distorted storyline. Yet an even eccentric casts. Damn it these characters all have problems.

Yuno is still her unusual self in this volume. She’s still that character with the 100% perception rate. All the things she does and say are the right decisions. But she is still this malevolent mystery..

I’m ready to move on to a new series as my interest with this series is becoming less. But it’s not all that bad though, with these added new characters theres one that stood out. Akise. He’s definitely up to par to Yuno’s psychological ability.. He’s a wanna be detective guy and his actions throughout the volumes were cool to read. So hopefully he plays a major part in story later on.

Seriously Future Diary is souring fast. The entertainment of the first couple of volumes was lost. Well at least for me.. The characters are all weird and its hard to like anyone of them. I mean I think I like Yuno but there are instances that maybe because I’m curious to know more about her bizzare whacky persona.. Like I want to know if she had some disturbing past or something? Akise might be my favourite though as I like him enough to carry me onto the next volume..

The premise of the killing game is not presented here, instead of them killing as what I expect its more so use as to know about the characters. Yuno is still the saving grace of this series without her unusual way of personality the series is nothing. I’m goin to say this right now but if Yukiteru doesn’t marry Yuno as according to her plan I’m going to burn this series to death. lol

I prefer YUNO than Hinata you hear me Yukiteru. Don’t change your future or it’ll be DEAD END for you. XD


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