Future Diary 5


Future Diary (5/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 19-23

Once again the plot thickens – well abit. The conclusion to 4th scenario. Again Minene entered the picture. A bunch of stuff happened and I liked this volume much better than the last two.

I don’t follow anymore of this Future Diary crap. Thats just the basic set up to tell the story of Yuno and her twisted life. I hate the game and I am not buying anymore of the diary this diary that.

I like and hate this series all at the same time. I’m just reading along to know more about Yuno. Yukiteru, meh.. His action and confession doesn’t seem that genuine.

The ending left with a cliffhanger so I’m goin to read ahead. What I like about this series is the mystery around Yuno and her family secrets if she had any..

Some romantic fluff happened, but yeah I don’t buy it. But I can’t deny that I was happy for Yuno with the marriage rehersal that she experienced. Girl is totally obssessed with Yukiteru so I’m happy that she’s happy.


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