Future Diary 6


Future Diary (6/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 24-28

Another craziness shit happened in this volume. This series isn’t as mind blowing as most of the reviews I’ve read. Sure its full of distorted characters with irrational mentality. It’s not oddly pyschological its just weird shit story telling of a frantic bimbo.

I don’t know what to make up of this series. It’s very inconsistent for me. It does one thing fluff then suddenly it turns into Saw style creepiness game. But yeah maybe thats psychological series, I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

Yukiteru – please die already. He piss me off so much. Blah, it be really better for him if Yuno restrain him and be locked away. God he’s useless if Yuno isn’t around.

Hopefully since Yuno is already unstable and had managed to do a horrible thing to Yuki, I sure wish to hell that eventually its Yuno who wins this shitty game. I can’t wait to see Yuno killing everybody to end this psychological thriller of a series. It would be effing pointless if Yuki wins in the end afterall Yuno already has the spotlight eversince the start.

The “Future Diary” holder of the volume pattern is getting tiring.


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