Future Diary 7


Future Diary (7/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 29-33

Well stuff happened. Really I can perfectly say that this series is not for me. I HATE it in fact. There I said it, I feel a little better.

The fight between the 7th and Yuki/Yuno is underwhelming. This volume is almost a snooze. WOW I’m such a nagger but I still keep reading on. Its because of Yuno, I am interested about her “future”. I’m merely following this series because of her.

I still hate the fact that Yuki is still alive. Can we please have him dead already, he’s useless in the series anyway.

Yuki’s dad was introduced in here. He did a major thing to Yuki but I was expecting it anyway, so that wasn’t a surprised.

WOW and seriously Yuki is such a shojo girl heroine, such a classic at that.. He still can’t make up his mind if he likes and trust Yuki? What’s in it for you to lose dude? Like seriously trust YUNO so you could be drag till the end of the series. After all what Yuno had done to Yuki he still is having second thought trusting her?

WTF so much of a MAJOR psychologic shit right there. Yuki got problems for real.. XD


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