Future Diary 8


Future Diary (8/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 34-38

Thus the much awaited mysteries around Yuno’s identity is slowly being unravel. There is only 5 Diary Holders left and everyone’s identity were revealed. This volume didn’t had me all frustrated. For a change though, Yuki grew some backbone.

I don’t like the fact that in an instant Yuki gets developed just like that. I don’t like it and boy does he went crazy to what happened to his dad! Like WTH – what about his mom? Why didn’t het got mad or went berserk at his dad? I may not make sense but I just doesn’t wanna spoil what happened in this volume..

Like seriously does it matter what happened at the end of this volume? Was it really a shocker for the characters? LOL it doesn’t make sense at all! The psychological sense in there was laughable. Like seriously thats relevant in the series?

There is a lot of plot holes more so in this volume than any other. So if Yukiteru is determined to become the next God then all of them characters can be brought back to life and make their lives the way it was before they all got the diaries.

For such a good start of the series with its passing volumes Future Diary is becoming full of flawed logic……..


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