Future Diary 9


Future Diary (9/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 39-43

This is a nice shift of the story. This volume pretty much focused around Minene. She had her shinning moments and established much of her character. I like her she’s spunky and lively. I salute her for having lasted this long. A little bit abrupt for her romance but whatever at least the series tried to have some fluffy stuff amidst the craziness.

Alas the power of the 11th holder was figured out. He’s the “powerful” diary holder to say the least.. Yeah this volume pretty much didn’t have Yuki and Yuno not until the last chapter or so.

I still hate the fact Yuki all looked so brave and spiffy all of a sudden. It’s just out of nowhere. I still does not agree on how he treats Yuno even though Yuno is ok with the fact that he treats her like a servant DOG. Or is it just me?

Well continue on I guess. I will not going to drop the series anymore as I am 3 volumes away to see how this series would come into its conclusion. I expect an absurd one. Carry on them holders.


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