Future Diary 10


Future Diary (10/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 44-48

I gave up trying to resonate with this series. Theres a handful batshit stuff in here, I mean it as a negative remark. I hate some of its logic and the characters actions.

First off I hate how the characters would cooperate then would threat to kill each other if things doesn’t go according to plan. Like how Uryuu Minene would try to kill Yuki then would cooperate. This happened most of the time in this series. Most of these characters ended up having shallow personalities or had too contrived action that doesn’t sits well with me. They’re all improbable plastics.

This series is degrading of moral standards. You have Yuki that wants to become God in order for him to bring his parents back to life but for the cost of numerous lives in the process. Then Yuno even though I like her, she’s portray here as a thing for Yuki to use and thus making it all shameful.

These are some of the things I can’t come to like about this series. But there were also nice thing that had happened in this volume. Minene (the 9th) had her symphatetic story told before meeting her end. I find it quite moving but all at the same time it feels like the author just tried to have something to fill up the void of otherwise emotionless series.

Surprisingly, well not really Akise’s role to the story is somewhat relevant. But then again, it just made the plot OH so HARD to grasp. He just managed to complicate and break the rules of the game. But anyway I guess it fits the series nonsensical circumstances. But its pretty darn cool seeing him rise just like the sailor soldiers transforming. lol

Yuno’s identity is still being played as part of the story. Like what the hell. Its alittle too draggish now don’t you think. It seems of minor importance but the series keep pounding back to it so I guess there is a “BIG” revelation near the end.. Lol maybe she had an evil twin sister?

One thing that this volume lacked of is YUNO. She suddenly became like a supporting character she acted like a puppet for the most part and never really gotten a spotlight.

Strange, I have been talking shit about this series but I find it very easy to read. Something is definitely wrong with me.. It’s just really quite an easy read but then it doesn’t have much on an impact for me. A little shallow character wise.


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