Future Diary 12


Future Diary (12/12)
Esuno Sakae
Defunct from Tokyopop

Chapters 55-59

Glad I’m finished with this series. Its down right an entertaining briskly read. With the exception of unpredictable Yuno the casts are one-note and shallow. The story could’ve been well written but instead these future holders became much “the holder of the volume” person. Most of the thing that happened in this series were contrived and some of the diary holders didn’t played an integral part to the story. Some came across as they were merely used just to push the main characters to their next “diary” encounters. Its a pretense of a smart series but in fact its a bizzare “romance” kind of twisted story wrapped around a great premise.

Despite its hugely flawed storyline it had its fair amount of suspense to hold your attention. Especially about Yuno. It’s a nice quick read if you’re running of series to check out. I don’t recommend it though.

Future Diary failed to deliver a thought provoking series. The author seemed too caught up tying what might have been a potentially mind boggling piece but suffered from an underwhelming plot twists and the lack of character depth.

Taken everything in consideration, some parts of the story could not be taken seriously as there is a sheer amount of bullshittery.

But hey, I applaud Future Diary for driving me on the edge of my seat. Got me all pissed and annoyed. Oh and props as well for being the first series I have completed and having my oh so FOBulous reviews.


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