Hibi Chouchou


Hibi Chouchou (1/ongoing)
Morishita Suu
Unrelease in English

Chapters 1-9

Well it really is hard to move a story where both of the main characters who are extremely shy. As it doesn’t help at all with the development of the story hence set up even the first base of a growing romance between the pair. The main girl lacked of everything. Takane Suiren is one of the most emotionless shojo girl that I’ve seen. It was nice that she isn’t those typical whiny, boy crazed female, attention deficit heroine BUT the lack of emotions or lines is as bad. In the 9 chapters that I have read the main girl have not said enough lines that will fit to even a page. She just stares at the main guy who shares the same problem as her. In the other hand Kawasumi is as bad as she but he seems to show a little of a development.

It’s frustrating as the story moves in a painfully manner. While I tend to LIKE slow paced series this one moves in such snail paced that it get so damn frustrating. I know that they are both shy, but how would anyone get in a relationship if no one on either side would take the intiative to break the ice so to speak? It just never happened in this series. At first it was adorable as of course we all are guilty liking the emotion of “pure innocent love”. We all crave that but nothing gets develop, well not yet. The main girl never speak whats on or mind, the series could be better off if she’s mute as she barely even say more than 3 words.

There is not much of a plot as well, the story just revolves around random encounters of the main characters. They would meet and greet and thats about it. Normally the supporting casts would help to get the story moving but even here the supporting casts help so little. They are used just to stress the fact that Suiren is the most prettiest and that she is unreachable. They often cause commotion around the lovers, riot or fan club for Suiren because after all she is the prettiest gal in the campus. It gets annoyingly redundant might I add.

Sadly the growing romance of Kawasumi & Suiren isn’t as convincing as it should have been. They merely even speak to each other, it can’t even count as love at first sight as that would just contradict its premise. Nothing happened after all the chapters. We barely even know the main girl and guy, its just terrible pace and lack of character interaction. They seldomly have a conversation and if they do its just tension and uneasiness atmosphere, it can be cute once in awhile IF there is an INTERACTION damn it.

Yeah I’ve pretty much stated my case. It could have been a good read but nothing gets developed nor said in this series. It became too boring in the end. Nothing captivated my attention. Even the art is subpar.


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