Last Game


Last Game (1/ongoing)
Amano Shinobu
Unrelease in English

Chapters 1-8

I came across Last Game as I was skimming through mangasites for some new shojo series to check out. Heck even though I have lots of series piling up in my bookshelves I still look for new series. Anyways I stumbled upon Last Game by chance when I checked some related recommendation to the series called Hibi Chouchou.. I found its plot to be really interesting as I’m a sucker for rich/poor pairing.. But instead I got served up a series that strongly resembles Kimi ni Todoke. For a fact, Kimi ni Todoke IS my favourite shojo/romance series. I’m a big romance junkie.

Though it started off as rivalry Hisato and Mikoto’s relationship isn’t exactly as romantic. You see, Hisato’s intial intention is to beat Mikoto as she transferred to his school back in their heyday. Kindergarten if I recall it correctly.. Before Mikoto’s transfer, the spotlight always has been to Hisato. He’s rich, popular, good looking and has always been on top of everything. But then all of that changed when Mikoto arrived. She’s always one step ahead of Hisato in everything. So then Hisato hatched a plan, he would eventually make Mikoto fall in love with him and will dump her by the heartbeat if she confesses her love. Thus Hisato’s attempt to win the maiden’s heart hasn’t come in fruition for unbelievably 10 years!

What started off as a rom-com series became one that focuses on characters budding relationship. After 10 years of vain pursuit Hisato’s plan hadn’t come into bloom as it turns out Mikoto is kind of slow romantic feeling wise. So yeah, the series may strayed away from its basic premise but it really did hit the right buttons for me.

Here in the first volume we see Mikoto as a hard working girl who always think of her mother’s sake. She learned to be independent and hard working in an early age so that someday she can repay her mother as she is of a single parent. After being friends with Hisato we see Mikoto blooms from being unsociable to someone who tries to open up to people around her not just doing everything herself.

The only complain that I have though is that it really IS a version of Kimi ni Todoke. It just doesn’t highlight Mikoto’s social awkwardness towards people that much unlike Sawako in Kimi ni Todoke. But overlooking that fact the series is pretty much purely enjoyable. Last Game didn’t bring anything new to the world of shojo but its endearing character and the fact that its another Kimi ni Todoke-esque series where a girl realizing that the guy she always admire is really that someone special. Some of the supporting cast doesn’t have much of a contribution just yet as it merely established the main characters.

If you like Kimi ni Todoke you’ll find right at home checking Last Game. Although some might find it to destructing the undeniable similarities of the two. But hey give the series a chance as it’s definitely worth checkin out. The bonus of the series though is the art. It’s just plain cute. Crisp and clean its all shojo should be.

I’m definitely going to devour this series as it comes in scanlation. I’m wishing that Viz will pick this series soon. The first volume is quite special and I’m going to read ahead the available scans right after this.


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