Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 2


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (2/ongoing)
Unrelease in English

Chapters 5-8

I’m still captivated with this series. Normally if a series is episodic, hence no main plot at all or even have short “arcs” doesn’t capture my attention for a long time especially that of shojo genre. Truth be told, shojo series are guilty of having chapters that doesn’t attribute anything to the characters growth or had any importance to the storyline. In short these series are what we know of that is the filler chapters. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is something like that, it feels like the volume are composed of random events of the lives of its characters. But what makes this series bareable is the characters itself. Most of them have unusual personalities. Take Shizuku for instance, she’s definitely not the type to care for people, she is bordering as a egocentric. But what makes her believable as a character is that she speaks what’s on her mind, she’s rather straightforward. I like that about her she may come across as mean or inconsiderate but at least she tells the truth. She also gets in people whenever shes oppose their actions/beliefs. What I also consider as the one of the main selling point of the series is Harus’ personality as well. He often provides most of the comedic relief for the series as he acts like a child or as I have mentioned before a caveman. He often display such outrageous response towards the things thats happening around him. Haru is honest, sincere and genuine. He might be outlandish from time to time but it works for the series overall charm. The sheer amount of entertainiment and goofs that he provides more than make up for his out of whack character.

What I also find uniquely riveting is how the author handles Haru & Shizuku’s relationship. More than once that both confess how they feel to each other but they do not rush into things to get more serious. I like that they have a mutual understanding of knowing they have feelings for one another but they are still carefree. It seems that the foundation of their relationship is trust. Their interaction is just refreshing its like the battle of wits. Whenever the characters have an arguement or things to say, the exchanges of each remarks is plainly amusing. The series clearly shows they like & care each other.

New characters are introduced in this volume. Haru’s older brother who have yet to play an important part later on but for now he’s the ever so “cool” older brother. Then the new addition to the gang, Oosumi she’s the Class Representative who is a loner. Her often unintentional meet ups with Haru gives the series some sort of rivalry for Shizuku. As Haru understands what Oosumi is goin through with not having friends so he’s being extra helpful with her. So yeah, I don’t think Oosumi is a potential rival as she seems not the type of girl to get involve but we’ll see. I think she would just eventually be like Haru who will be sociable enough, then eventually find a partner for her own.

I still like this series and I think its rather a special one. I’m enjoying this more so than I thought. I truly wish the series doesn’t falter later on. But for now volume 2 still comes Highly Recommended as well. Good Stuff.

PS: I like like Shizuku A LOT. She is close to being my ideal female character in a series. I’m a sucker for a rather cold hearted girl (like the ones that is emotionless) that is blunt but all at the same time intellectually capable that doesn’t think twice or wallow herself too much with woes relationship/romance-wise. I adore Shizuku.


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