Tonari no Kaibitsu-kun 3


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (3/ongoing)
Unrelease in English

Chapters 9-12

Words can’t describe how great this series is. Kimi ni Todoke and this are neck to neck, I love them both.

Volume 3 it’s all about relationships. In this volume the series delves much further in character’s feelings. Love, friendship, rivalry and inner thoughts of the characters are the sole focus this time around.

I am extremely surprise on how well the author plays the characters subconscious. We got plenty of inner dilemma from Haru & Shizuku. Of course in regards to their current state of relationship. I’m abit of a sucker for characters woes about their conflicted love; reading their indecisiveness if you may is my guilty pleasure. But there is a fine line though, some series can certainly wallow itself too much in dramatic predicament and that gets me on my nerve. Especially if the reason behind it is trivial or just the weakmindness of the characters way of thinking.

Fortunately, Tonari no Kaibitsu-kun is not like that. The conflict thoughts in this series is definitely well written. I will say this again, the characters way of conversation; their action and what they choose to say or do are just unbelievably “real” – if you get what I’m saying. The characters behaviour and their way of logical thinking is rather close to the real life so to speak.

Natsume and Oosumi are given an ample time to get their character development. I am please that Natsume and Shizuku’s friendship is given a much deeper root. Oosumi is slowly having her characterization come into bloom. Even the gang friends (Haru’s former friend for the lack of words) are given time this volume. So yeah I am delighted that the author give most of the characters abit of growth in this installment. The only gripe I have is the lack of Sasayan, the baseball guy, he still seem like a background character. I like him he reminds me of Kazehaya so I expect to read more of him. Speaking of characters, I am unable to pin point the possible pairing at the moment. There are alot of viable future pair but for now I like the idea of Sasayan/Natsume pair.. Ordinary guy to a internet loney girl I find them suitable for each other.

What I still like in this series is its strong heroine that is Shizuku not literally strong but intellectually. I think she’s one of the most unique character personality and trait wise. The smarty conversations are still there. I find the quality of the interaction of the characters in high level of sophistication.

The negative side of the series that can put off some readers is the plentiful dialog. Some might get bored of the heavy conversation and non perky situations. So if you are not the type to read long dialog you might find yourself bored to death. Its very slow paced and full of character interaction, not much of happening. I’d rather have the series have its character get develop though than reading a lively series that have one-dimensional characters.

As the saying goes love can make you question everything else you believe in & make you do the impossible. Shizuku is in the same boat I like that sense in that. That is why this volume of Tonari no Kaibitsu-kun is still amazing.

Is it me or does this series will have the smutty scenes later on? We get some sexual undertones here and there. I don’t like the idea so hopefully its just subtle ones if the series get into that.

This is one of the best shojo series I’m currently reading. Shame on Viz for not licensing it. lol


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