Crimson Hero


Crimson Hero (1/20)
Takanashi Mitsuba
Viz Media – Shojo Beat

Sets 1-4

Crimson Hero  a shojo title that centers around Volleyball. I haven’t read any shojo series that centers its story around sport so in a sense this is quite refreshing but unfortunately its only to some stretch. Granted, this is a shojo title after all so its not really supposed to dwell on the sport aspect of it.

Nobara has always been the tomboy. Compared to her sister she isn’t as refined nor possess the feminine appearance of what her family expects of her to have. Her family owns a Japanese restaurant – that has an old-fashioned style service. Nobara’s sister outshines her in most of the “family customs” so she feels a little bit inferior. There is one thing Nobara is good at and that is playing Volleyball. She’s very passionate about it that she constantly have fights against her strict mother. Nobara is expected to take over their restaurant to continue on its legacy but of course its not really suited for her. She decides to abandon the family business and runs away from home to pursue on playing Volleyball. I can’t quite sure if her goal is just to play volleyball or she wanted to get to national or something deep.

She enrolled at Crimson High because this certain school have a fairly respectable Volleyball team/club. Unfortunately for her its a Volleyball club that is strictly for guys as the girl volleyball was dismantled long before because it lacks of members. In order for Nobara to play the game as clearly the guys won’t let her join the team, she needs to gather up member to revive the girls Volleyball. When she runs away from home Nobara ends up living in the boys volleyball dorm thanks to her aunt. Her aunt is the school nurse (a sexy one at that) and she has a strong connections in school. Abit out of place, except the of the coat, she dress more so as a seductress than a nurse.

In exchange for her stay Nobara became the substitute “dorm mother” apparently she’s like a maid. She needs to see to it that the boys living in the dorm are well taken care of. So she has to clean, do the laundry, cook, run errands and what not. Pretty much thats it.

Nobara is a strong willed character. She’s very persistant and is somewhat confident, she clearly demonstrates how a good heroine should be. Though sometimes she can be so stubborn as she only think of playing the game. It gets a little overwhelming on that, like yeah we get that you want to play there is no need to keep repeating yourself.

Speaking of characters the dudes in this series reminds me of those Korean/Japanese idols. So if you are into that then this series offers a handful lot of them. I just think the guys hair are so dragon ball-ish. So yeah let us not forget this is shojo so there is a bit of romance whilst it isn’t the focus of the volume. The dorm is occupied by 4 guys, 2 of them have center role. Yashin is the cool guy that act so tough and the ever so silent, lady killer – Haibuki. We are all aware with this kind of set up, so love triangle is to be expected.

I am still not sold to this series yet. Nobara’s wanting to play Volleyball is being dramaticalize on a high level. The struggles that Nobara have at the dorm is abit over the top. Nobara’s boyish attitude is quite suitable for the premise of the story. So its not that much of an annoyance as she lessen that problem. Its nice seeing how she tries to fit in living with 4 guys under one roof.

The first volume of Crimson Hero is alright. Its sets up its story pretty fast. I have an idea of how the love story might turn out to be so I’m not that thrilled about it. Nobara’s strong characterization even though she can be quite stubborn and her determination to form a group is somewhat admirable. She has the nerve to get what she wants and she stands up for it, its quite refresing.

At the end of the volume a game versus the male volleyball team to determine if Nobara will or will not get a Volleyball team for girls.

Even though Crimson Hero is sport related its still a shojo series that is full on circumstances that pulls your heartstrings lol.


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  1. I read the first chapter in Shoujo Beat and I liked it too. Never got around to actually buying a volume though. I actually like volleyball too and I was curious to see how the sports aspect would play out. Maybe in the future I’ll pick it up. :3

    I do think her becoming the dorm mom is a bit over the top as well, but I’d have to see how more of it plays out to decide if I like it or hate it.

    • Well to tell you the truth at first the series is just your generic shojo love story. Very typical at that but in volume 6 it become so much better. Sport and character development-wise. You’ll have to be patient with this series as its abit of melodramatic for its first quarter volumes.

      I quite like Nobara but for the most part I’m neutral with her.. Like I said it was hard for me to warm up to the characters at first. The author needed to do a lot of exposition first in order to establish a solid plot. In the current volume that I have read I’m more invested to the series.

      • Maybe I’ll “sample” a few chapters then and see how I like it. xD I don’t mind generic love story as long as the heroine has a brain. Either way, I won’t be getting around to it any time soon.

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