Crimson Hero 2


Crimson Hero (2/20)
Takanashi Mitsuba
Viz Media – Shojo Beat

Sets 5-8

Sport is really not my cup of tea. I don’t play any sport or watch anything related. The only sport related series I love is Hikaru no Go. if the game of “GO” counts as one. My patience and my interest pertaining to the match up of sport game disappears quicky so this volume of Crimson Hero starts off with a game between the Male Volleyball team versus Nobara and two ex-member of the girls team. She managed to get Ayako & get Yui unexpectedly involved with. Ayako is a willing former member who shares the same hair style to Nobara, she’s willing to join the team. But Yui in the other hand is hesitant to join because of the mockery the old club got.

But anyway the match will decide if Nobara gets the right to form the girls Volleyball team. If the girls win, the guys team will stop their ridicule towards the female team. I don’t get why would someone put down your own school club since it seems that it isn’t a rivalry anyway. I have no knowledge of sport but is there even a match between Male Vs. Female in the real volleyball competition? So yeah one nitpick that I have is why would the guys team make fun or belittle the girls. I know the girls team got dismantled because it lacks of memeber but then why depriciate the girls? They should’ve encourage them more to form again rather than insulting them and such.

So anyway back to the series, half of the volume shows how Nobara, Yui & Ayako tries their might to score a point against the guys. Haibuki is being a “jerk” so to speak but he has his reason for targeting Nobara everytime he serves the ball. I did find the game alright but I’m losing my interest pretty quickly. The characters are not as engaging so is the game.

Last volume we learn that Haibuki is the small kid in Nobara’s childhood memory and he still have a thing for her. Yashin in the other hand because of the circumstances that had happened last volume where he had to defend Nobara to her mom as well as learning the true reason why Nobara is trying so hard to be their “dorm mother”. He learns to get along to her quite nicely after that and put aside his hatred. One can see that Yashin is definitely going to fall for Nobara in one point later on. As much as I am a sucker for rag-to-riches story I am also sucker for childhood love stories. But since Haibuki is rather unconcern towards Nobara and doesn’t show much of emotion he is hard to symphatize. Whereas Yashin he’s getting empathetic with her. So I kind of like him more. Haibuki though tells what he feels straightforward like how he said he still like Nobara but it come across as empty so thats a plus, I guess.

At the end of the series because of the match, where the girls win, they managed to hook up 2 more viable player. Kyoko & forgot the simple, beautiful, meek girl – appearance wise she doesn’t cut as a player of any sport related. But its interesting to see if she also has the desire to be a player, she really seems out of place. They are short of a member to get the team going they need to have one more. Thanks to Haibuki that problem of them will be solve. He’s “pursuing” his ex-girlfriend to join the team since she happens to be an “ex-player” of Volleyball before she had the knee injury. She was the rising star and was chosen to be in the national. But Tomoyo still feels bitter about Volleyball so we’ll see how will they convince her to join. But by the end of the volume its pretty clear she’ll join because she sees her former-underclassman who was chosen to play into national instead of her. That might help her refuel her passion and desire to be on top again.

Strip off its sport story Crimson Hero is a fairly generic shojo series. The story is still building up its characters though. Its still an ok read, the lack of appealing characters hurt the series. Except for Yashin the characters are still uninteresting. So here’s hoping for a much better development. Thinking about it I haven’t laugh or smile when I was reading this..

Oh that reminds me there is aslo another sport series that I love beside Hikaru no Go, its “The Big Wind Up” or “Ookiku Furikabutte”. I LOVE that baseball series because of its delightful characters and the main guy. If only Crimson could have be like that. Still hoping..


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