Crimson Hero 4


Crimson Hero (4/20)
Takanashi Mitsuba
Viz Media – Shojo Beat

Sets 13-16

Wow I thought I would not read any further than volume 3, but what am I to do since I got up to volume 7 of this series. Crimson Hero isn’t a bad read, its a series that is not much memorable, well for me anyway. Its like reading a class book material, where after you read it you forget all of its content in an instant.

Volume 4 focuses on Girl’s Volleyball Inter-Preliminary match. This is a chance for Nobara’s Team to show what they have been working on, and its their first “official” game. As with most of the sport series set-up, their first opponent happens to be one of the top team in girls Volleyball. So yeah so to establish team rivalry.. Typical, typical.

As if that’s a problem enough for Nobara, she also has problem Yushin wise. She is still confuse about her feelings towards Yushin, oh the rambling of her innocent heart, lol. Often I like this kind of story but here its leaves me neutral. Like what’s the big deal when a friend bring his girlfriend to a game to root for his friend? Like seriously shojo sometimes makes most of the little things into such big of a deal just to get the emotion flowing. Yushin brings his girlfriend so what? Does that mean he can’t cheer on Nobara just because he has his girlfriend? DUDES you guys are watching a game of GIRLS volleyball of course he’d cheer for a girl. I should know better that most shojo are like this. Go figure..

The 2 star players of Yabe, (Crimson’s opponent) are quite distracting, character design wise. I couldn’t even tell who is who between Shoji & Hayashida they both have similar characterisctics. I don’t even know who is Tomoyo’s underclassman that I wanted her to beat. I thought I would get my wish on this volume, better luck next time damn it.

This volume mostly covers the game between Yabe High and Crimson.. This series is getting more focus on the romance aspect rather than girl following her dream as once the premise was about. By the end of the volume we get a cliffhanger involving Yashin and Nobara in her school dress uniform, being feminine. To be honest she is quite a beauty. I expect some kind of a confession and what not.

Normally I get sold into this kind of romantic set up, but as I said this series is lukewarm as it can get.


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