Crimson Hero 6


Crimson Hero (6/20)
Takanashi Mitsuba
Viz Media – Shojo Beat

Sets 21-24

Well what do you know! Volume 6 is pretty damn good. For the first time I feel that this series is good. The story of Haibuki’s childhood was revealed. So basically he admires Nobara so much that she becomes his inspiration defeating his asthma against all odd. Can asthma be outgrown? Just wondering..

This volume is the best one yet. The story is much more engaging. Its a total flip for me! I like it this time so I’m hoping that from this volume onward the story doesn’t falter.

The love triangle aspect isn’t much of the focus. As much as I love love stories, I find it that in order for the romance to be successful the main characters need to be likeable first and foremost. So in this volume we get to see the trio interact much more than the previous volumes.

Nobara’s attitude toward love is quite admirable. She isn’t the cliche shojo heroine who longs to be love back. She acknowledges her feelings and she tries to understand them but she doesn’t let it get in the way of what she wants, volleyball. Nobara is a good lead character so I’m starting like her more. On the other hand I like Yushin but I know I like Haibuki as much. I am more interested to where their love triangle story would go. In this volume it isn’t the focus so in a sense their love is developing slowly. Both guys have their good points but for now I am just going to read by to see what might the ultimate outcome. I’m not gonna go pry who is much better for Nobara so to speak. Its fine whoever Nobara choose but yeah in this volume that is not the subject.

There are more development on this volume. I like it that the author decided to give Ayako and Kyoka their own story. Hopefully all of the Crimson girls volleyball member will have stories of their own.

I am warming up to the story. Most of its casts are getting sympathetic. Just when I think I’m dropping this series it became good. Its such a surprise.

Even the volleyball match this time around is very much engaging. Its because the character is very much involved. I meant the characters are much more in the story with their personal porblems rather than romance being involved in it. Such as Kyoka’s family struggles, Ayako inner conflict and such. It’s much more engaging to read them play because they have their purpose. Unlike the previous match they had against Yabe, the match presented in here didn’t got wallowed in romance.

Crimson Hero if you get your game together I am more likely to be invested to you than my intial impression. Can’t wait to read volume 7!



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