Crimson Hero 7


Crimson Hero (7/20)
Takanashi Mitsuba
Viz Media – Shojo Beat

Sets 25-28

Well compare to the previous volume this one is alright.

Ayako is pretty much upset with Nobara and of course I understand where she is coming from. Since she accidentally heard the Yabe ace players talked about Nobara being invited to train with the best of the best volleyball players. So thats why Ayako is pretty much upset but I think its just that she’s afraid of the possiblity that Nobara will leave them for a better team.

Nobara goes to practice with the elite team, its one of those once in million chance. She realizes she likes to play volleyball and gets stronger with her Crimson team so she decided to return. Its great to see Nobara wanting to be with her old teammates and to strive to be on top. If we are realistically speaking, if she really want to become a real pro she shouldn’t have passed that chance up. But yeah its not the case, Nobara’s decision to come back is a nice theme for the story, strive to succeed sort of morale. She wants to get better along with her teammate and compete with the best.

It’s nice to see the minor rivalry between Konako and Nobara as it gives them character-contrast and drive to be better than the other. Its great that because of their little rivalry provide inspiration to each other. Kyoka’s family problem although came to a sudden resolution is a nice contribution to the story as well. Rena and Tomoyo needs to get some story arc, a one chapter focus on them will suffice. I want to see Rena takes the spotlight as I’m still interested to see her get better at Volleyball.

We also got some not so interesting side story around the Crimson Male Volleyball team. Some second year members resigned from the team because they feel that their couch is not giving them ample attention. Since most of the first year members gets to be the star. I couldn’t careless to this part of the story but it makes up half of the volume that its hard not to. Its abit confusing though, its hard to follow the story because the guys have the tendency to have the same hairstyle so its hard for me to distinguish who talked or did some certain action. I just felt that its abit of a mess. I appreciate and felt the connection with one of the side character though, Tachibana. I like him even though he is just some minor background character I just feel that he should be the inspiration to all of them.

In the last chapter, Nobara still doesn’t realize that when they practice as a group she doesn’t play to her full potential as to with the real opponent. She thinks that she is a weak ace player thus their coach send her off to meet someone who will show her the way to use and develop her potential. Why not send all of them. lol

Sometimes Nobara is so caught up on just playing Volleyball that she doesn’t realize she is that GOOD. Its one of my annoyance toward her but heck its needed to propel the story.

Even with the ever so often absence of Haibuki, this volume of Crimson Hero is fairly good. Shame this is the last one I have on hand as I would have read the next volumes. I’ll try to get the rest of the volumes to catch up with its current Viz released, I just don’t know when. Its not my top priority for now but this series is getting good that I don’t want to forget the events or the story.


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