Fushigi Yugi


Fushigi Yugi (1/18)
Yuu Watase
Viz Media

Chapters 1-6

Shame. It really is a shame that I haven’t had any of my rantings to even a single series from my favourite Mangaka of all. So for my 50th post, I have decided that this will be my tribute post for Watase-sensei. My sole purpose of existance, she is my devotion – my Osamu Tezuka. lol

Here goes…

Fushigi Yugi, my once beloved and former all time favourite manga of all. The manga that started it all for me. This series brings back so many nostalgic memories that this post might end up a lengthy rant. Brace yourself as this is not just an ordinary rambling.

I have seen the anime version of Fushigi Yugi numerous times that I have lost count of. I have read the manga more than the fingers on my hand. I am pretty much that geeky fan of the series more than so your next door neighbor. You could say I could have plagiarized this series into my own work accordingly without any misses of events and details. I am THAT knowledgeable lol. Yeah right, though sarcasm aside, I’m a Fushigi Yugi nerd and a HUGE one at that..

But before I begin, I specifically intended to write this review in the mindset of a newly reader of Fushigi Yugi. My thoughts of it and of the volume alone. So to restrain myself into blabbering possible spoilers for the future volume. IF I decided to read through the end though.

Tsk.. tsk.. Tsk.. Miaka Yuki – such a classic name, it delivers a definite familiar ring of bell. She’ll always be that aloof, goofy, naive, whiny, annoying, damsel in distress, brat, gluttonous, shojo heroine – you name it. In the first volume Miaka is just your average school girl, very typical compare to Yui her childhood bestfriend. Yui is popular, she has both beauty and brain. As destiny would have it, one day they find theirselves in the solidarity walls of their public library. In there, the girls stumbles upon an acient book called “The Universe of the Four Gods”, right after a flip of a page the girls are transported back to a different time & place, they literally got sucked inside the book! Inside, they got saved by a boy with a demon symbol on his forehead from a gang of slaves traders. Although when they come into their consciousness they find theirselves back in the library thinking it was just a mere hallucinations caused by the trepedations of upcomming test.

But before I wallow myself, allow me to explain that Miaka feels pressured by her single mother. Her mom expects so much of her; she wants Miaka to get into Jonan High (top school around their city), she has to worry about both school and cram school. Bottomline is Miaka could not help but to feel so much stress and pressure because of her mother’s high expectations. With Miaka’s capacity she knows that she will eventually disappoint her mom. She wants to tell her mom but she could not bear to say a word because she knows that her mom is counting on her. Being a single parent thats a constant reminder for Miaka to please her mother in a way of repayment, I would assume..

Anyway all ties break loose when her mother accused her of slacking and dating off. Miaka had a huge fight with her mom and thus the story begins as Miaka decides to leave the house so to make her mom worry. She find herself wandering inside the public library yet again. The book of the “Universe of the Four God” is still left untouched inside the restricted room. Miaka decides to kill time and she starts reading the story. Just as the previous circumstance, once again Miaka finds herself inside the pages of the book.

So there you go the synopsis.. In order for Miaka to get back to the real world she has to become the girl of legend. Within the world of the book, there is a legend of a young maiden from a foreign land that would appear to save the kingdom from the brink of destruction. For which she and she alone has the power to keep peace within its ruling land. With that Miaka needs to gather the 7 celestial warriors in order for her to summon the beast god and in return her wishes will be granted.

Miaka is likeable in this first volume. I really like Miaka here. She’s aloof and entertaining. The thing I mostly like about Fushigi Yugi is that it mixes the drama with comedy so well that there is never a dull nor serious moments. There will be some serious moments but then Watase would deliver a spot on comedic relief that it doesn’t get to overwhelming. I really like that about Fushigi Yugi. Watase’s execution of funny moments are delightful. Throughout volume one I couldn’t help but smile while reading on. Even if Nuriko is such a BITCH this volume I just can’t help but to laugh at the story. I just realized that Nuriko got such a horrible introduction, I remember I hated her back then.

Tamahome and Miaka’s budding relationship is actually quite cute. As so Miaka’s little self monologues. I love Miaka when she’s all dorky and childish. Watase has such a great sense of humour period. Watase’s side bar comments are as good as well. Its not the vague here is what I want to share like most of the mangaka’s sidebar but with her she talks about related stuff about her series and what has she been doing and sometimes personal stuffs and what not. She talks to her reader in a sense rather than just writing some facts about something. lol I’ll carry on..

Tomahome is still this money maker scum and its funny how everything is all about money to him. He’s a likeable lead male that always goes to save Miaka. Though not very apparent but he does care a little for Miaka. Although in the other hand Hotohori is so blunt and abrupt early on this series. I quite like him here, it always gets me when he tells Miaka about his dream girl. Hence the girl of legend. Its such a pull your heartstring technique right there.. The inevitable love triangle is on its way, full speed ahead. So I will prepare myself for that. As I mentioned Nuriko is a bitch, die you wench! Damn you Nuriko why do have to be so mean to Miaka. 😀

The first volume of this beloved series is a heart warming delightful start to one of the classic series, well for me anyway. Watase’s Fushigi Yugi might have inspired the other “girl got transported into other world/dimension” series back in the hayday. You can’t deny that for a fact as the idea is so fresh around its time. The old school art is an added PLUS. Everyone of the character is gorgeous.

As always I could read this series and be reminded of such fond memories. Its always a reminder of how much I really like this series even to this day. I can’t say it stood the test of time but for what its worth is pretty darn a good first volume.

And with that I give my highest though excessively Biased Recommendation I could ever give to Fushigi Yugi.

I think I’m ready to get wallow away inside the series once again.


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  1. No! No, no! You can’t show your biases in a review…ever!!! xD This is a poor review! This must be burned and…and all that good stuff 🙂

    (On a separate note, score another for the Fushigi Yugi manga. I found it pretty good as well!)

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