Gate 7


Gate 7 (1/ongoing)
Dark Horse

Chapters 1-5

A new series from CLAMP! Yay – uhh not really.. Gate 7 is an eye candy; its lavish and intricately detailed art is strikingly impressive as always.

It’s Chikahito’s first time to the place of his dream, Kyoto. As he is visiting one of its shrine he mysticaly managed to enter a different dimension. Here he encounters 3 mysterious being that each posseses the power of Shadow, Light and Myoko or something.. Sakura, Tachibana & Hana respectively.

Its really hard to give this series the basic info since its from CLAMP. I’m still not sure about Gate 7’s basic plot. All I know for a fact is that the ART is marvellous. I’ll try anyway, so Chikahito got forced to get drawn inside this mystic realm where the trio lives. They have something to do with peoples wishes in the shrines. Still its vaguely explained so I will leave it at that.

If you are new to CLAMP you’ll get pretty much lost. As they tend to throw superfluous details all at one go. Its hard to grasp these informations and make a sense out of it. Also CLAMP tends to vaguely explain such important detail but they’ll slowly reveal it in the latter story. They are also infamous for having genderless characters, universal love themes, and the endless preaches of different stuffs that they want to throw in the series.

Gate 7 is nothing new from CLAMP. This series might remind some of their previous series such as X/1999, Xxxholic and even Tsubasa. So it might be lukewarm for some fans but hey its CLAMP! So its definitely a series that will have you feel the same way as their old ones.

Its always interesting to read their series especially the fantasy ones. I like how they create unique worlds, the familiar characters, the mystifying events and the engaging but often too confusing plot that sometimes you feel as if you don’t understand whats happening in the story.

The characters are likeable Chikahito seems like a cookie cutter of Watanuki. Hana is adorable, ugh seriously CLAMP what is Hana’s sex? But anyway Hana’s personality and appearance is definitely causing me some toothaches.

As confusing as it is, Gate 7 had a good start & I just know we are up for a ride!

Its really VERY PRETTY.


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