DOLL (1/6)
Mihara Mitsukazu

Chapters 1-5 + Bonus Story

As I have mentioned in my Dolls review this is a different series of Doll stories. Both series are collections of short stories that focuses on Dolls and its human owners/masters. Although they are quite different, these said dolls in Doll by Mihara Mitsukazu are human-like/androids that serves as companions or servants for its owners as supposed to the real dolls that are like pets in Kawahara Yumiko’s Dolls.

I often like a series that consists of short stories that shares common theme or morals. Doll is a collection of short stories that centers around Dolls and their relationships with its human owners or masters.

In this first volume we have six different stories of these humanoid beings that offers a different look at the lives of dolls as a companion, servant and even as lovers. With stories that incorporates themes of science fiction about artificial intelligence acting or serving as human replacements are often hauntingly creepy.

The ones that stood out for me in this first batch of stories are the first and third one. The first is a tale about a young doll man who serves its family for 2 generations – well at least it was in the book who knows if it been passed down. But anyway he has been the serving the mistress of the house up until she died and got passed down to her daughter. I like the message it conveys, the irony of the relationship of the doll towards its master. As the young doll have seen its new lady master grow up, marries and live the expected unhappy life as she got an arranged marriage. Even as far back to her childhood she never once got the attention, love and care from her dad. It has always been the young doll whose always by her even though it doesn’t show emotion and all. I thought this first chapter is very well done and it got me hooked. Its a bittersweet tale albeit hearthwarming story of love.

The third story is about a servant female doll that is owned by a strict middle age woman. She isn’t given much of a freedom. I like the overall ending of it. Its hard to spill the detail since if I said anything else it will ruin the story. But this particular one is definitely one of the best out of the bunch.

The art is gothic like style, it resembles the one in Paradise Kiss. Overall this is a good series, one or two stories should get your attention. These are well told stories. What I don’t like about the series is that some dolls are used as sexual thing but then again it does give its reasons why and the moral around it. But yeah I am particularly not fond of these kind but its still alright.

Caution to young readers as this series deals with some mature stuffs and has some nudity.

The dolls different situations and the messages it embodies is worth reading.


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  1. Oh I wanted to read this series but I never got around to it. You just reminded me why I wanted to read it so much in the first place. I wonder how hard the volumes are to track down since Tokyopop is gone now. 😦

    • I got my copy from ebay. I think I paid $27 for 5 volumes. Ebay is my manga source ever since I discovered that I could get a Lot of manga for a much cheaper price. A complete set is always fun to buy at half a price as well.

      On the series note though.. You’re not missing much though by not reading Doll. Since the latter volumes are mmm deals with mature stuffs. I highly recommend Viz’s Dolls though..

      • ebay seems to be more miss to me. Every time I check it out, I don’t find any deals. But I’ll keep an eye on it. :3

        What’s Viz’s Dolls about?

      • @soaring

        I take back what I said about Doll.. Volume 4 is worth reading, its terrific. But yeah Volume 2 & 3 though are terrible, well for me anyway.. But seriously I highly recommend the 4th volume.

        Dolls is kind of like Doll its also a collection of short stories that has real doll instead but they function as pet. I have reviewed the first volume of it filled under “Dolls”. Its kind of like Petshop of Horrors instead of exotic animals it has Dolls that picks their owners..

      • Goodluck with that! I think this Doll of Tokyopop is OOP so its much harder and expensive to get..

        Petshop of Horrors is one of the best episodic (collection of short stories with a common theme) that is ever created. Sadly though its prequel didn’t lived up to its predecessor..

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