D. Gray-Man


D. Gray-Man (1/ongoing)
Hoshino Katsura
Viz Media – Shonen Jump

Nights 1-7

I don’t really read shounen series. I prefer shoujo and its sappy romances but once in a while a nice change is always appreciated.

D. Gray-man is a story about an orphan teenager, Allen Walker who travel to places in search for Akuma to vanquish. Akuma are malevolent creatures. They are machines with human souls and created with a “dark matter”. When a grieving human makes a pact with the Millenium Earl to bring the soul(s) of a certain loved one, an Akuma is created.. But Akuma aren’t exactly human being but instead they are “weapon” of Millenium Earl to bring death to the world.

Volume one of D. Gray-man is alright. I like the idea of the exorcists and the various differences they have. Allen Walker is an ok lead, he’s interesting enough. I like that he’s the “special” case exorcist but then he’s the main character so he’s bound to possess somethin. I still doubt the existence of the Millenium Earl, he isn’t explained here yet.

The last chapter is good enough to reel me into checking the next volume. As to most shounen genre, you have to give credit for its originality. It’s much easier to create an original plot than shojo series but then again most shounen either falls to tournament styles or opponent of the arc with a much stronger one after the last pattern.

I like that this series is set somewhere in the 19th century European time. Its atmospheric art reminds me of Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee). But its comedic reliefs are unfortunately not funny. It tries to lighten up sometimes but fails miserably. I also find it annoying that the Millenium Earl talks as if he’s a perky shojo heroine, lol.

So yeah its an ok read. Shounen is not my cup of tea so don’t take my ramblings deter you away from the series as I heard this is one of the best selling series in Japan. I don’t know about its current status but it used to anyway..


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  1. Oh, you simply must continue, even if you’re not usually a shounen fan. D.Gray-nan has a dark, edgy, gothic style in the beginning, which really sets the tone for the entire series. The art is constantly evolving because Hoshino (the mangaka) tried to keep the art style up-to-date, so you’ll notice a discrepancy between the initial art style and the latest as you read on. Hoshino isn’t afraid to borrow aspects of shoujo style art when need be, trust me, and her art only gets better.

    But seriously, the reason you should keep reading is because D.Gray-man isn’t your typical shounen; it doesn’t fall into a tournament style or villain of the arc pattern at all. It has a cohesive plot, unlike most other shounen, but like shoujo, characterization is where it shines the most. It almost borders on seinen. So please, keep reading! You won’t be disappointed.

    • Hi there!

      Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I don’t usually read shounen. I have my favourite though like Law of Ueki and Kekkaishi. I’m going to check out D. Gray-man to see if I’ll warm up to it. But for now it gives me Tegami Bachi and 07 Ghost vibe to it that I both enjoy reading..

      WOW I am not aware that the mangaka is a she! That’s nice to know. 😀

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