From Far Away 2


From Far Away (2/14)
Hikawa Kyouko
Viz Media

This volume is better than the first. At least the dialog problems I’ve rambled about on the first volume is lesser, almost non-existence in this volume. XD

Unfortunately though, not much happened in this volume.. Izark fought a whole band of robbers for the entire volume. The story revolves around Izark and the mysteries of his existence and his somewhat bizzare “persona”. His confrantation of Keimos, the warrior who seem to have the same circumstances as him. They both share qualities that aren’t of regular human being.

What I like particularly about this volume is the ever so slow growing feelings of the main character to each other. I still don’t like Noriko yet, as she gets easily emotional. She cries often but then I like that she is very determined and think positively of her situations. I admire that about her. I like Izark I think that he’s a cool character.

The art for the most part is simplistic. It has the old shojo-ish style that I like.. Its very simple though..

I want to ramble much more, but then again not much happened this volume. Its still a pretty lukewarm series but I’m waiting for it to boil further to its future volumes.


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