Flat (1/ongoing)
Aogiri Natsu
Unrelease in English

Chapters 1-5

This is a series about the growing relationship of a teenager boy to his little cousin. One day when Heisuke comes home from school he is surprised to find a young boy in their house. Aki’s parents are busy with work that they’ve asked Heisuke’s mom if they could watch him for the day. Heisuke’s mom made him take in charge of Aki.

The premise is pretty much that. Heisuke unexpectedly got assigned to look after his little cousin Aki. Heisuke seems pretty laid back character. He is depicted as thoughtless of others and only thinks of himself. Aki even though he’s in his tender age is very much responsible, sensitive of others and doesn’t like to be of a bother to people. He is also shy and reserved.

Heisuke is a great cook, its the thing he is good at, so when he gives Aki some cupcakes he developed a strong attachment to him. Aki is an only child so its understandble that it may have been one of the reason he got very attach to Heisuke. I like most of the aspect of this series. The study of character relation is pretty much spot on. I like the contrasting characteristic of Aki and Heisuke’s personalities. The series shows that they are going to learn to be “a better” person as they interact along the way.

I definitely can relate to the story as I myself am in the same circumstances at the moment.. One of my nephew’s friend in kindergarten got really attached to me and ever since then we go to his house to visit and play. I could very well tell that Heisuke will also form a strong bond with Aki latter on. As with me, I developed a strong affection towards my nephews friend. Despite the fact that we’re not related I consider him as my nephew as well. I’m very fortunate that I have the chance to get to know a kid that likes me very much. I consider it as one of life’s surprises/happiness. It makes me feel love, for the lack of words! He calls me uncle too, not only in English but in my language. : )

But anyway.. So much for personal venting..

There is not much going on with this series. Its merely a slice of life story and it does move in a painfully slow pace. Its just the characters interactions that drives the series. I like it so far, its very quite and subtle. The story progress in such slow manner that its almost a borefest, so I could very well tell that this series IS not for everyone.

The art reminds me of Natsume’s Book of Friends. Its quite simple and abit sketchy.. It gives a feeling of serenity. Heisuke is somewhat a mixture of Natsume/Ginko from Mushishi character style wise.. Aki is adorable kid that you can’t help but to like and root for him to be able to learn how to express himself much freely.

At the last chapter(s), there is a hint of future romance but then again its not the focus of the series, well not yet anyway. I don’t mind if there is no romance in this series as the circumstances it tackles is more than enough to keep me interested. I am definitely going to read the future volumes as I could totally see my own situation. It moves really slow though, much slower than what I prefer it to be. But anyway I love slice of life genre and this is a solid series. Hoping it picks itself much a little faster but then again its fine as it is.

Worth checking out if you like a look on human relationships or series like Bunny Drop, Aishiteruze Baby and Baby & Me that has a main character that looks after a young child.


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    • I’m guilty of not picking up Baby & Me! I think I have managed to read 3 volumes but I can’t quite recall the stories.. I know of its basic plot and I do remember I enjoyed it.. Shame on me for not remembering what I’ve read though.. XD

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