Demon Love Spell


Demon Love Spell (1/ongoing)
Shinjo Mayu

I was skeptical about this series since Mayu Shinjo is notorious for creating a smutty series with annoying female lead. Not that I have read it myself but that is what the general consensus of the people that have read her other English work. So yeah I’m not really into smut or weak female lead and her series tend to have lots of sex scenes..

Ironically and thankfully Demon Love Spell seems tamer than her usual stuff. I enjoyed this series to some stretch. Miko is next in line to be the Priestess that exorcist demons. Her family line has been great exorcists so its expected of her to follow their footsteps, one problem though Miko can’t see these demons. But one day she accidentally perform an exorcism on a very powerful handsome demon that feeds off of woman’s passionate feelings. Thus the story begins.

I like the idea of shrine maiden, exorcism, demons and other yokai stuffs in this series. I like this series even though its just an average one. It has enough things going for it, likeable characters and slapticks albeit perverted jokes. Although you can still see that the author really like her smutty stuffs but its not done in in your face manner, well not yet.

Miko and Kagura’s relationship is interesting. Sex is sort of prevalent as Kagura’s circumstances is somewhat depended in it. But as I mentioned its done in a tame and subtle manner and I find that very “original” for the lack of word. Kagura and Miko only does this “sexual” stuffs in her subconcious. While Miko is sleeping Kagura takes advantage of her, so in a sense its different. I also like the fact that in real life when Miko is awake she doesn’t want Kagura to be all sexual but in her subconscious she is all willing to get it on fast with Kagura. I like that contrast about her. It makes her “real” human, as we human do think different subconsciously.

I have read a series that shares the same concept as this one, Black Bird. I prefer Demon Love Spell a whole lot than that one as I like the main characters here more. I also like how the smut related stuffs are used in here. It has sort of purpose than Black Bird. Although unlike Black Bird, Demon Love Spell’s art can sometimes look subpar as the characters would look weird, body proportion-wise.

I would definitely going to wait for the next volume as I like what I have read so far. The ending is a cliffhanger for me as I like the possibility of love rivalry. Kagura is such a cool character, he has an air of arrogance but then he’s likeable. Miko is somewhat pathetic but she isn’t annoying nor weak. They are done just about right.

Not much has happened in this first volume but I’d like to see where it goes from here. Hopefully the yokai aspect plays a much dominant role in this one. I wish that the series doesn’t get fully blown smut and that Mayu Shinjo have some interesting tricks up her sleeve with the story. This is Black Bird meets Rasetsu but I like this than that two. I really have high hopes for this one so please Miss Shinjo let this one break the stereotype of the caliber of your work…


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