Dawn of the Arcana


Dawn of the Arcana (1/ongoing)
Toma Rei

Chapters 1-3

A single island split by two nation, Belquat and Senan has been the warring countries for years. In order to keep peace in the island a union of royalties from each country is required. But this marriage of convenience is often ends in bloodspill and disaster. The story centers around the marriage of Prince Caesar of Belquat and Princess Nakaba of Senan.

Volume one is quite an average with its content as its building up its world but you could definitely see that it has the potential to be epic. Nakaba and Caesar’s relationship is unusual as it involves hatred and bitterness to each other. It’s understandable, afterall they are from opposing countries. Nakaba has enough touch of spunkiness to her character. She doesn’t back down to do what she thinks is right. The other thing that makes her really interesting is the mystical powers that is slowly taking over her, you know its a sign of a promising fantasy that will heavily contribute to the series.

What enticed me even more is LOKI, he’s definitely my favourite character. I like that he’s always there for Nakaba. Loki is Nakaba’s sort of servant but she treats him equally and she cares for him deeply. He is an Ajin which is a clan of beings that seem like a fusion of human and animals (they have dog ears). They possesses incredible strength, they are good at combat and even heals easily. But they are considered low ranking beings, they are treated as slaves that doesn’t have any purpose but to be ordered around. I like his predicament in the story. I could sense some bittersweet ending for him but yeah too early to foreshadow. I am hooked to his relationship with Nakaba, its undeniable that he loves her. Childhood-childhood-childhood crush is what gets me most of the time!

Caesar always harass Nakaba ever since she went to live with him. He often has offensive things to say to her and even assaults her red hair. He is portrayed as cold, bitter guy but its merely an act. Despite his bad quality (per say) but you’ll still find him sympathetic. I quite don’t mind his attacks on Nakaba.. It’s apparent that he’ll eventually come to like her in the future.

If you are familiar with Game of Thrones, or perhaps Lord of the Rings then you’d wanna check out this series. It has a lot of things going to it that you might find interesting. It has its own fascinating world, race and cultures. Politics, magical power, love triangle are all meshed in together to offer up a great introductory to the series.

The art is crisp and great. I like it alot. It captures the right atmosphere of its world.

Dawn of the Arcana is definitely one of the series I will going to invest on collecting. Shame I didn’t check this out sooner but nonetheless I’m glad I did. Dawn of Arcana has a huge amount of possiblity to be a grand series. Hoping for a truly laid out plot and fully developed world. I am in for a treat. It’s simply awesome!

Highly Recommended.


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