Hell Girl


Hell Girl (1/9)
Eto Miyuki
Del Rey

Chapters 1-5

Jigoku Shojo or Hell Girl is an episodic manga that revolves around revenge. These people who have done a terrible thing to others can be send to hell by entering their names through an internet site. In exchange for this creepy service the senders own soul will also go to pits of hell once they die. Pretty damn terrible right?

That premise alone is ridiculous. I meant if the circumstances of the stories presented in the first volume had been written with a solid plot and had much more of a character development it could be intruiging but instead we get in each chapter different set of case that has flimsy plot of blackmailing peer, a baker who steals ideas of his student, a vet who cares about his own than the animal he needs to look after and other easy to resolve case without resorting to sending anyone to hell.

All of the tale contain in here were so easy to confront and deal with but instead the characters would eventually get their vengeance by summoning the Hell Girl. Not only that, once the hell girl appears to take the wrong doers she would keep telling the same line over and over again. The plot gets so repetitive and boring. It’s a pity.

Not only does all the character has no development but it also shows they’re weak to fight back. They are ok to go to hell as long as they get their sweet revenge. Leads me to wonder if they truly thought about the outcome of their action in the afterlife..

The art and character designs is destructing as well. The dragonfly eyes and the somewhat disproportion body of the characters are prevelant in the series. Unfortunately nothing redeeming about the series.

Do yourself a favor not to let the Hell Girl come out.


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