Strobe Edge 2


Strobe Edge (2/10)
Sakisaka Io
Viz Media – Shojo Beat

Chapters 5-7 + Bonus Chapter

Ok. I stopped reading manga since last year so here is the first volume I have managed to read.

It took me awhile to get into the story of Strobe Edge. I seriously thought that its appeal have disappeared. But I’m glad that after a few flipped of pages I find it as captivating as I felt back in the first volume!

A new character has been introduced in this second volume, Ando Takumi. He is one or maybe the guy who has the “popular” title around. He’s a player and he downright loves women. He would even ask every female student whom he come across for their cellphone number. He’s somewhat happy go lucky, carefree kind of guy.

After Ninako’s confession by the end of the first volume, she is wondering how her relationship with Ren will be. Even though Ren rejected her she still like to be his friend. But this predicament of hers led into meeting Ando. She accidentally thought of him as Ren while he’s walking the school corridor. So yeah Ando used that to annoy and get close to Ninako. But instead, slowly but inevitably Ando is taking an interest on Ninako because of her peronality. All the while Ren has noticed what is happening between them and told Ando to back off Ninako. Ando tells him otherwise as mentioning Ninako is not his girl and the fact that Ren has a girlfriend so its nowhere his right to tell him off.

I like what direction Strobe Edge is going to. I’m a sucker for love triangle and I’m all for it. One thing I find so disappointing is that Daiki (which I rooted for in the first volume, the childhood friend who has a crush on Ninako) was shoved aside. But anyway, enough of that nitpick as Sakisaka provided a new male character that is interesting enough to fill in on Daiki’s shoes.

I still don’t like Ren and I don’t think I ever will. He has great quality for a male lead but still, I am never sold. Ando and Ninako’s cat and dog relationship is somewhat cute. Ando is really understanding and sensible of what is happening. So yeah I’m in his bandwagon. I still wish Ninako have been design differently she look so naive and childish but thats just me venting.

All in all volume 2 of Strobe Edge is still Recommended for your dose of shojo fluff.


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