I’m one of the many anime/manga reviewers in the internet world. I’m also one of the irrelevant one that you have the unfotunate fate to have come across.


I’m a novice Blogger of Manga. My vague  thoughts & comments on the series I read. I’m not a professional writer. I write what’s on my mind so my post won’t flow smoothly. I rant mostly so my reviews are not as helpful. Pardon my grammar.

I mostly check out series that are lesser known to people. It is really a shame that some great series do poorly on sales. Which would always be under the radar.

So there that’s all about this blog.

I will try my best not to include possible spoilers..


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    • Haha thanks dude. I just ramble away! Ever so often though, I don’t have the time to correct my grammar as I just wanna get the reviews done and move on to the next volume of the series I read. Once in a while I try to correct mistakes here and there. But yeah its merely just a quick rough draft of a review than anything else..

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