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DN*Angel 2


DN*Angel (2/15) – on Hiatus
Sugisaki Yukiru

Chapters 4-6 + Bonus Story

How disappointing…. I now remember the reason why I gave up on this series. Its too damn vexing. The first chapter was fine but after that it all went downhill. I felt that the overall feel of the series is aimed for pre-teens. I just hated RISA. She irked me to no end in this volume.

For pete’s sake girl, can’t you be so darn sensible? Risa is what you call inconsiderate wench. She just made this series effin stupid. Daisuke confessed that he likes her but then she said she can’t accept but they’ll be friends. But then she asked Daisuke to help her get close to Dark or even had Daisuke taste all the practice homemade food she cooked so the next meal would be perfect for Dark. You reject someone then ask them for help so to get close to someone? Who in their right mind would do that? Thats what Risa had been doing the whole volume and if Daisuke didn’t do what she tells him she would say “You realy hate me” as if she forget that Daisuke CONFESSED his feelings, fucken retard. And get this, Risa fell in love to Dark on TV, she’s delusional why do you think a “infamous” thief whould give the time of day to notice you. It was just teenage fantasy – degrading of intellegence…

BAH Seriously nothing can top off that stupidity. This volume of DN Angel was such a drag. I almost lost the will to finish the volume. I finished the main story but afterwards I no longer was interested with the side story hence on the whole series.

Because of that major distraction, the thrill – if there is any – and my interest are completely gone. Even the interesting story of the Phantom Thief Dark and his origin are not presented in this volume. It focused on the romance, don’t get me wrong I love romance but this one is bland and terrible.

This might be cool or appealing for pre-teens or younger readers but hell I wouldn’t even recommended this at this point. If you’re a smart kid youd be better off with a different series, say Law of Ueki.

So yeah now I remember how I resent this volume. A shame though I still like Daisuke & Riku but then again I couldn’t bear to read about Risa’s absurdity any more.

Daisuke boy, you can do better.


DN*Angel 1


DN*Angel (1/15) – on Hiatus
Sugisaki Yukiru

Chapters 1-3

I have read the first 2 volumes of this series before. I remember I liked it but I couldn’t remember what made me dropped this series. Anyway, I was clearing up my manga collection yesterday when I came across 10 volumes of this series. I initially planned to sell this on Ebay but I thought that I’d give this series a chance. Since I haven’t read any manga series for more than a year.. Seriously? More than a year! Rant aside, yeah sometimes I take long breaks of manga & anime.

Daisuke Niwa was just an ordinary klutz teenager not until his 14th birthday came along. His family has been the “Phantom Thief” named Dark for generations. Dark is the infamous and mysterious Art thief. It turned out that its in Daisuke’s DNA to inherit this being. It hasn’t been explained much about Dark, all we know is that he appears on Niwa’s bloodline when they turn 14 or when they first fall in love.

This condition of turning into Dark happens everytime Daisuke sees Risa, the girl whom he confessed his feelings for but got rejected. But if Dark happens to see Riku, Risa’s twin sister he’d revert back to being Daisuke. In order for Daisuke to be normal and stop turning to Dark he needs to win his first love. I’m still not sold on this aspect of the story but this series is definitely off to a good start.

Volume 1 was just expositions.. Rivalry between Dark & Daisuke is undeniably coming sooner or later in the series.. Since Dark is in love with Riku and Daisuke is in love with Risa while Risa idolizes Dark and Riku might developed feelings towards Daisuke. You get the picture love-quad.

Oh yeah we don’t want to forget the fact that Dark is this “Phantom Thief” that has been stealing Art stuffs for ages. Of course he’s notorious around town and he’s been hunted by the police for along time. There is one character that seem to know much about Dark’s existance, Satoshi. He’s in Daisuke’s class but he’s one of those silent brainy type of character. It turned out that Satoshi’s family has been on Dark’s trail eversince and he wanted to capture Dark. It’s weird though, he’s just 14 years old and he’s a damn commander in chief of the armed forces that are after Dark. Well anyway its manga so lets just go with the flow…

I’ll keep reading on just to see where the relationship between the characters might led to. Hopefully there is a deep reason or explanation of how Dark came to be. I also am curious about Satoshi’s role in this series.. It’s an ok read, hoping this would turn out good.