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From Far Away 3


From Far Away (3/14)
Hikawa Kyouko
Viz Media

As I hoped for, I am liking this series more and more with each volumes. For a brief moment, the volumes starts off abit of disjointed but its just the way of the story-telling. At first, it seems just a story of a random happenstance through their journey but its establishing its point.

Volume 3 is where the plot starts to thicken. A handful of characters are introduced all at the same time. Its very hard to grasp what is happening with its political informations. I tend to not care for the King, duke – hierarchy matter – as I often get lost with this kind of information.. Hopefully I’ll eventually get use to it but as of now its hard to follow what is happening.. All I know is that the series is picking up its momentum.

I like that Izark and Noriko had to part for the time being and has their own adventures. Even when they are apart, a mysterious connection bonds them together. Its just great seeing them both long for each other. Izark is starting to develop his feelings for Noriko but then again he’s only worried about her. I find it very amusing how Noriko tries very hard to learn their native tongue. It provides some cheesy albeit sweet moments.

I seriously forgot about the character from the first volume who has a seer child. He will play an important role to the later part. I definitely won’t mind if he becomes the rival for Izark. Its just wishful thinking of love triangle. Lol, Blame the romance junkiness in me.

I find it annoying that 1/4 of the volume of the series consists of a bonus story. Its not that memorable as well. It was ok but uninteresting..

Although there is some parts of the series where I feel that its more of a fantasy/adventure geard towards younger teens.. I don’t know it feels a tiny bit childish, just brief instances though..

I nitpick too much.. First its the dialog, now its the feeling of childishness with its storyline. But yeah I could be a tough reader to please sometimes. XD

Oh and before I forgot I like that some people in the story possesses supernatural abilities. I wish it gets to explore more and that more characters plays an important role that has powers. Alliances and enemies alike are starting to form and its fun seeing how things will unfold. And for the record, I have a feeling about Izark’s identity.. I could be wrong though but its fun having to hypothesize..


From Far Away 2


From Far Away (2/14)
Hikawa Kyouko
Viz Media

This volume is better than the first. At least the dialog problems I’ve rambled about on the first volume is lesser, almost non-existence in this volume. XD

Unfortunately though, not much happened in this volume.. Izark fought a whole band of robbers for the entire volume. The story revolves around Izark and the mysteries of his existence and his somewhat bizzare “persona”. His confrantation of Keimos, the warrior who seem to have the same circumstances as him. They both share qualities that aren’t of regular human being.

What I like particularly about this volume is the ever so slow growing feelings of the main character to each other. I still don’t like Noriko yet, as she gets easily emotional. She cries often but then I like that she is very determined and think positively of her situations. I admire that about her. I like Izark I think that he’s a cool character.

The art for the most part is simplistic. It has the old shojo-ish style that I like.. Its very simple though..

I want to ramble much more, but then again not much happened this volume. Its still a pretty lukewarm series but I’m waiting for it to boil further to its future volumes.

From Far Away


From Far Away (1/14)
Hikawa Kyouko
Viz Media

Kanata Kara or From Far Away as it is known in the English version is yet another series where the main protagonist get whisked away to a different world.

One day Noriko, a high school girl is supposed to be a victim of a terrorist bombing but instead she transported into a mysterious and dangerous world. Upon Noriko’s existance in this world, a prophecy has began to unfold, that she is the “Awakening”. Now every kingdom is desperately seeking for the “awakening” as it is forseen that this being has the power to awaken the Sky Demon. Noriko meets Izark a sort of a warrior; he’s agile, brave, good at swordmanship and handsome to boot. Noriko doesn’t have any option but to trust and depend on Izark for her to survive in this chaotic and deadly place.

Well the first volume of From Far Away is underwhelming. I was expecting a kind of caliber to Basara or Please Save My Earth’s first volume. Although I like that this new world has its different fauna and flora, though creepish. Its interesting that the main characters has language barrier, its quite fun to see that Noriko tries to understand the language of Izark. I also like the twist of the series to the “girl in a different time”. Whereas in most series this being plays a part that is for the goodness sake of the humanity but in From Far Away Noriko is deemed to cause turmoil to its land.

I find this first volume somewhat lukewarm. The character interactions for the most part, especially in the beginning felt amateurish. Something is off with the the characters way of dialog maybe its just me but its bleh bland.. Its quite annoying that the characters, especially Noriko would tell (subconscioulsy) whats happening around her its like she’s guiding the reader to whats happening around her. I felt that I was treated like a kid but then again maybe its because of the “language barrier” but it isn’t that, sometimes she would even say the obvious occurences.

I won’t dismiss this series yet. There is plenty of things thats going for it. I like Izark and his role in this. Noriko is a bit the “damsel in distress” in this first volume but she is determine and shows a bit of strong will and courage..

From Far Away is an old school shojo fantasy/adventure. The first volume leaves much to be desired but then again its only the beginning. I’m not giving up yet, after all there should be a definite reason that From Far Away won the Seiun Award. I’m looking forward for this to get better.

On a different note though, I prefer its original Japanese title “Kanata Kara” than the English “From Far Away”. The original sounds epic and exciting. From Far Away is so shojo-ish title that when you base your first impression by that title its some sort of melodrama love story. Well thats how I perceived it anyway..