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Iris Zero 2


Iris Zero (2/ongoing)
Pro Shiki (Author)
Hotaru Tanaka (Artist)

(Chapters 5-8 / Extras)

Ok I’m totally hooked to this series. I like the main characters so much, I like Toru and Sasamori. Sasamori’s infatuation towards Toru is adorable… It’s the irresistable Fluff.

Rant aside, Iris Zero is still that “case to be solve series”. The second volume started off with Hijiri’s story and how he befriended Toru. Hijiri’s Iris ability enables him to see if a living thing is nearing death. In their last year of elementary, Hijiri has been invited by a girl named Katagiri to attend a tutoring class. There he met Tachibana Satsuki, a happy, free spirited girl and found himself being infatuated by her.

Tachibana has the power to determine a person’s happiness based on the form of flower. Things were looking good but suddenly Hijiri saw a black butterfly appeared on her, meaning she’s near her toll. Hijiri decided to look out after Tachibana, though as days passed the number of black butterflies kept increasing. It affected Hijiri so much to the point that he tried to put an end to his own life. Good thing Toru was there to bring Hijiri to his senses when he tried to kill himself. Toru decided to help Hijiri solve the mystery of Tachibana’s fate.

It turned out that the Katagiri girl is plotting a terrible scheme towards Tachibana out of jealousy. Katagiri has the power to see an upcomming danger. Thanks to Toru’s keen observation of details, awesome deduction they managed to get Tachibana away from danger. Because of that Toru and Hijiri became good friends.

Half of the series spends on the cultural activity around school. Another case was presented involving a missing outfit. The new girl that was introduced in the first volume was given some spotlight as well. We learned that she is Kuga Nanase, who have a crush on one of the sort of popular guy. She is a quiet girl who has the ability to see peoples emotions based on the color of their wings that she can only see.

I loved the ending. I don’t care so much about the cases, I’m up for the romance. This volume contained a very charming scene. The missing outfit belonged to Sasamori, a Hakama to be exact. By the end of the volume it was returned to Sasamori, she wants Toru to see her wearing it. Oblivious of Sasamori’s intention and feelings Toru didn’t realize that Sasamori had sort of confessed to him. It was just darn cute and fuzzy.

The omake at the end was still one of my favourite things about the series. They were hilarious. Toru likes sweets, especially cakes, this one particular shop sells a decadent cakes but only to female customers. Toru sees Sasamori passing by and he invited her to get a drink. He gets what he wanted, the cake. Of course Sasamori thought of it as if they were dating. I love, love, love it. I like how the characters makes fun of Iris Zero itself. These extras alone should not be missed. The writer’s sense of humour in this omake is priceless.

Iris Zero is continuing to be a delight. Please license this ASAP.


Iris Zero


Iris Zero (1/ongoing)
Pro Shiki (Author)
Hotaru Tanaka (Artist)

(Chapters 1-4 / Extras)

I enjoy reading blogs, reviews, and participating on forums that talks about manga and anime. I would visit lots of site everyday. I often find good series because of these things. So yesterday, I’ve read a post by someone on ANN about this series called Iris Zero. The name had me interested so I checked it out! Glad I did!

Iris Zero is a series about people who have special Irises. Each individuals has a supernatural ability unique to thierselves. Although it wasn’t as common as it used to, but recently children that are being born with this special Iris skyrocketed about 99% rate. The powers of the Iris can range from simple to ridiculously scary abilities. Such as the ability to know what’s for meal, to be able to distinguish which individual is qualified or suited for something. The ability to tell someone’s emotions, or if one is lying. Knowing the danger ahead or even when someone is going to die.

Now enter our main character, Mizushima Toru. He is different from the others, he was born without a special Iris. People who doesn’t have a special Iris are called Iris Zero. The result is they are often looked down, made fun of and get bullied. So Toru, our main guy has his own policy that he must follow, “Low Exposure”. This is to ensure he live a peaceful life without attracting too much attention and enemies.

Things turned into worst when he found himself gathering an unwanted attention after a sudden “confession” from one of the popular girl in school, Sasamori Koyuki. It’s not so much about romantic aspect at first, but throughout the volume she’s developing a romantic feeling towards Toru.

I enjoyed all of the cast of this series. A refreshing main guy whose intellectual. Toru seems to be laid back and cool, though doesn’t have much of a hint about romance. The typical cute girl who seems pure, cheerful and a goody two shoes, thank god Koyuki is not clumsy nor ditzy. Then the childhood girl that seems feisty and spirited. Of course the cool bestfried.

The first volume focused around the introduction of Irises. Then followed by a case of “lies” and the misunderstanding between Yuki Asahi, supposedly Toru’s childhood friend and her homeroom teacher. Their problem was solved by the help of our main guy. Though he might not have a special Iris, Toru is very observant and have a good sense of perspective. That trait of his makes him a good solver. It’s like a detective series where a case is presented then the characters tries to solve it. Not as much as a crime scene, though not yet. In the last chapter a new character was introduced, she somehow resembles Sasamori but with two braided pigtail. She must be Sasamori’s rival, but we’ll see. Toru seems to get along fine with her too!

This series is great! The art is nothing spectacular but it’s charming. The growing feelings of Sasamori towards Toru is cute. I’m a sucker for this kind of romance where one is oblivious to others romantic feelings. I can’t wait to see Toru’s reaction if he finds out. since he has a policy to follow and Sasamori attracts to much attention and add that he’s an Iris Zero it was bad enough before he met her. What would his life would be like?

Oh and the funny omake at the end of the volume was  a sure delight. It was fun and ridiculously good. It’s a conversation around the main characters in their chibi forms. They talk about why Iris Zero doesn’t have an ecchi scenes which was uber cute.

Definitely a series I want to be license!