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Piano no Mori 1


Piano no Mori (1/ongoing)
Isshiki Makoto

Chapters 1-7

Perhaps this is one of the most awesome series I will be reading this year. I will confess that I adore the anime movie of Piano no Mori and this review will be biased.

I didn’t think I would like the manga version as I did the anime, afterall it’s hard to surpass the sound that the anime have over it’s manga counterpart. Nonetheless Piano no Mori is still endearing, charming and carefree series as the anime itself.

I still love this series. Ichinose Kai and Shuuhei Amamiya are both awesome characters. In this first volume it showed that both of them likes to play the Piano. Shuuhei has been playing piano since he was 4. He has been taking rigorous lessons and been taking great care of his hands. Whereas Kai is a son of a Prostitute and he’s a special kid. He’s very much gifted, he can play any song he hears even for the first time. Though he is carefree and oblivious to his talent, he does not care nor have passion about Piano as Shuuhei.

I like the contrast and the differences of the kids. This is one of the strength the series have. Kai is poor, gifted and can play the mysterious piano in the forest but when it comes to regular piano he turns into a bad pianist. In the other hand Shuuhei is rich, although not gifted as Kai he’s an ace pianist, developed his skills by enermous lessons and practice. The piano in the forest is a mystery. Kai is the only person that can play it with ease.

Shuuhei developed an admiration and a little rivalry towards Kai since the first time he hears him play the piano in the forest. Sometimes this series contains subtle inappropriate themes. Like bullying, explicit-cy scenes, vulgar language and the likes, but nothing in your face. Maybe it just to portray how such things in real life.

If you like character driven series, musical or a slice of life series then I highly recommend Piano no Mori. It’s a gem. Definitely one of the series I have been wanting to be release in English.