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The Name of the Flower


The Name of the Flower (1/4)
Saitou Ken

Chapters 1-5

This slow moving manga series is about an orphaned high school girl named Chouko. She has been passed down from relatives to relatives ever since the day she had lost her parents. One of her relative, a novelist man pledged to take care of her until she goes to college.

At first Chouko is depressed, she stares into oblivion and let the day pass without doing anything. Kei, the lonely novelist, sets up terms of condition that while she stays at his place she has to help out with house chores, and some gardening. Thats the basic of the basic summarization of the plot.

The series is painstakingly melancholic. The narration of the events moves in such poetic rhythm and its intrecately written. It’s a bittersweet tale of two souls longing to be save from their inner self struggles. The series is much more focus in showing the human relationship. It examines the psychological side of this two estrange being that suffers some form of “social” withdrawal. In Chouko’s case its mostly because of the shock caused by the sudden dearh of her parents. While with Kei its a form of inner self destruction – for the lack of words. Kei is very much introvert, stern and reserved. They both find with each other a new ray of hope to cope up with life. This manga is just as inspiring and uplifting of human soul.

The series is realistically portrayed and its written in such mature mindset. We get to see the story from both the main characters point of views as the event Chouko came into Kei’s life. I like that we see their interaction and what they truly feel. Its believable and real. The metaphoric used of the flowers is a great contrast to the colorless former state of living Kei & Chouko used to be. Its nice to read the developing feelings of the main characters in each passing chapters.

Even with its sometimes repetitious start of the chapters and its quiescent atmosphere, The Name of the Flower is moving piece of manga. Its quite a powerful emotional driven series.

PS: One thing I don’t like is the incestuous theme used in this series. Incest is one of the things that doesn’t sit with me well. But I can overlook that as the series is solidly good. Recommended.