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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 4


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (4/ongoing)
Unrelease in English

Chapters 13-16

Santa, I want an English release of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun for Christmas! Seriously this series should have been acquired for English publication long ago!

This is still the best shojo series I am currently reading and is one of the best I have read. Its that awesome!

In volume 4 most of the characters are given a fair amount of spotlight. I think this is one of a series that has a huge amount of characters that pretty much everyone is given a balance amount of focus. Very character driven and dialog/(subconcious-monolgue) heavy series. I LOVE IT.

I’m not going to review the content of the volume as I’m afraid I’ll be repeating myself over and over again but instead I’ll jot down pros and cons in this volume. But pretty much its the same as the past volumes, its still an amazing series. Not much happening story-wise but what makes this series terrific is the analyzation of the relationship of the characters. Nothing can top off a shojo series with a story that focuses on its characters interaction, well for me anyway. I’m a sucker for this kind of shojo instead of the usual filler-ish series with lots of trips, party, hence the irrelevant chapters that doesn’t contribute to its characters growth and development. Its not like Tonari doesn’t have party and trips but at least it doesn’t dwell on whats happening in regards to the circumstances around the characters but instead it focuses on developing its casts. Ugghh I rant too much nonsensical stuffs,

First off, A rival has been introduced well sort of, Yamaken is developing a liking to Shizuku. I like him very very much! I like his attitude, the ever so elitist and egoistic characteristic of his. His one of the best that has happened in this volume. He’s a mixture of Yamaki and Kyouka from Ouran High but his awesomer. Well for me anyway. I like his inner dilemma, I find it very amusing that he’s torn between his high pride and his undeniable attraction to Shizuku.

I also like Natsume much more this time around. She’s a very complex and ambiguous character. She’s hard to tell but I’m liking that she’s abit indesicive, and socially withdrawn person. I like her insecurities and uncertainties. Her “transient” liking towards Micchan as Sasayan watches out to her is somewhat sweet. There is no romantic feeling between Natsume and Sasayan but they are close and Natsume feels at ease around him so yeah there is the possiblity of romance there. Of course Sasayan is still treated as a background character in this volume which sucks!

Shizuku is still a great heroine! I love her. She is one of the best as well. I like her passion to aim high at her studies and her goal to have a job. She tries to balance out her growing relationship with Haru to her studies. She’s great and yeah I don’t mind if the author should decide that Yamaken and her ends up together. I like Yamaken enough, at least I don’t think it’ll happen though.

What I find a little bit of a bother is that Haru, whilst he is a great character, funny and often charming I just don’t like the fact that he’s overly Possesive of Shizuku. I understand that he might has some personality “problems” its just that I feel that sometimes he does things that is out of line. Well given that the title implies “A Monster” it should be expected. Haru is sweet around his friends but when it comes to Shizuku he gets possesive, it maybe nice but heck sometimes it feels abit cryptic as he come across as an obsessive person, which is not good.

Speaking of the title, one thing I find abit chagrin besides that, is the art cover of each volumes. It shows Haru with a chain leash on held by Shizuku. It can be misleading. If judging by these covers, I could think of alot of terrible things that might implicate about the story. Well anyway it maybe only me and I might be overthinking it.

Nonetheless Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is a fantastic shojo series. If you are a shojo fan and haven’t check this one out, I shall encourage you, nevermind that I urge you to check it right now!

Still the best shojo series that I’m reading at the moment, sorry Kimi ni Todoke… but you is PERFECT. 😀

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is without a doubt HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Tonari no Kaibitsu-kun 3


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (3/ongoing)
Unrelease in English

Chapters 9-12

Words can’t describe how great this series is. Kimi ni Todoke and this are neck to neck, I love them both.

Volume 3 it’s all about relationships. In this volume the series delves much further in character’s feelings. Love, friendship, rivalry and inner thoughts of the characters are the sole focus this time around.

I am extremely surprise on how well the author plays the characters subconscious. We got plenty of inner dilemma from Haru & Shizuku. Of course in regards to their current state of relationship. I’m abit of a sucker for characters woes about their conflicted love; reading their indecisiveness if you may is my guilty pleasure. But there is a fine line though, some series can certainly wallow itself too much in dramatic predicament and that gets me on my nerve. Especially if the reason behind it is trivial or just the weakmindness of the characters way of thinking.

Fortunately, Tonari no Kaibitsu-kun is not like that. The conflict thoughts in this series is definitely well written. I will say this again, the characters way of conversation; their action and what they choose to say or do are just unbelievably “real” – if you get what I’m saying. The characters behaviour and their way of logical thinking is rather close to the real life so to speak.

Natsume and Oosumi are given an ample time to get their character development. I am please that Natsume and Shizuku’s friendship is given a much deeper root. Oosumi is slowly having her characterization come into bloom. Even the gang friends (Haru’s former friend for the lack of words) are given time this volume. So yeah I am delighted that the author give most of the characters abit of growth in this installment. The only gripe I have is the lack of Sasayan, the baseball guy, he still seem like a background character. I like him he reminds me of Kazehaya so I expect to read more of him. Speaking of characters, I am unable to pin point the possible pairing at the moment. There are alot of viable future pair but for now I like the idea of Sasayan/Natsume pair.. Ordinary guy to a internet loney girl I find them suitable for each other.

What I still like in this series is its strong heroine that is Shizuku not literally strong but intellectually. I think she’s one of the most unique character personality and trait wise. The smarty conversations are still there. I find the quality of the interaction of the characters in high level of sophistication.

The negative side of the series that can put off some readers is the plentiful dialog. Some might get bored of the heavy conversation and non perky situations. So if you are not the type to read long dialog you might find yourself bored to death. Its very slow paced and full of character interaction, not much of happening. I’d rather have the series have its character get develop though than reading a lively series that have one-dimensional characters.

As the saying goes love can make you question everything else you believe in & make you do the impossible. Shizuku is in the same boat I like that sense in that. That is why this volume of Tonari no Kaibitsu-kun is still amazing.

Is it me or does this series will have the smutty scenes later on? We get some sexual undertones here and there. I don’t like the idea so hopefully its just subtle ones if the series get into that.

This is one of the best shojo series I’m currently reading. Shame on Viz for not licensing it. lol

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 2


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (2/ongoing)
Unrelease in English

Chapters 5-8

I’m still captivated with this series. Normally if a series is episodic, hence no main plot at all or even have short “arcs” doesn’t capture my attention for a long time especially that of shojo genre. Truth be told, shojo series are guilty of having chapters that doesn’t attribute anything to the characters growth or had any importance to the storyline. In short these series are what we know of that is the filler chapters. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is something like that, it feels like the volume are composed of random events of the lives of its characters. But what makes this series bareable is the characters itself. Most of them have unusual personalities. Take Shizuku for instance, she’s definitely not the type to care for people, she is bordering as a egocentric. But what makes her believable as a character is that she speaks what’s on her mind, she’s rather straightforward. I like that about her she may come across as mean or inconsiderate but at least she tells the truth. She also gets in people whenever shes oppose their actions/beliefs. What I also consider as the one of the main selling point of the series is Harus’ personality as well. He often provides most of the comedic relief for the series as he acts like a child or as I have mentioned before a caveman. He often display such outrageous response towards the things thats happening around him. Haru is honest, sincere and genuine. He might be outlandish from time to time but it works for the series overall charm. The sheer amount of entertainiment and goofs that he provides more than make up for his out of whack character.

What I also find uniquely riveting is how the author handles Haru & Shizuku’s relationship. More than once that both confess how they feel to each other but they do not rush into things to get more serious. I like that they have a mutual understanding of knowing they have feelings for one another but they are still carefree. It seems that the foundation of their relationship is trust. Their interaction is just refreshing its like the battle of wits. Whenever the characters have an arguement or things to say, the exchanges of each remarks is plainly amusing. The series clearly shows they like & care each other.

New characters are introduced in this volume. Haru’s older brother who have yet to play an important part later on but for now he’s the ever so “cool” older brother. Then the new addition to the gang, Oosumi she’s the Class Representative who is a loner. Her often unintentional meet ups with Haru gives the series some sort of rivalry for Shizuku. As Haru understands what Oosumi is goin through with not having friends so he’s being extra helpful with her. So yeah, I don’t think Oosumi is a potential rival as she seems not the type of girl to get involve but we’ll see. I think she would just eventually be like Haru who will be sociable enough, then eventually find a partner for her own.

I still like this series and I think its rather a special one. I’m enjoying this more so than I thought. I truly wish the series doesn’t falter later on. But for now volume 2 still comes Highly Recommended as well. Good Stuff.

PS: I like like Shizuku A LOT. She is close to being my ideal female character in a series. I’m a sucker for a rather cold hearted girl (like the ones that is emotionless) that is blunt but all at the same time intellectually capable that doesn’t think twice or wallow herself too much with woes relationship/romance-wise. I adore Shizuku.