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Tower of the Future


Tower of the Future (1/11)
Saki Hiwatari

Chapters 1-4

Here is another series from Saki Hiwatari. She’s the prominent author of Please Save My Earth a really great shojo series that revolves around reincarnated souls and supernatural occurances. One might expect that this series would be in the caliber of PSME, unfortunately it was not.

Volume 1 contained too much information all at once. It was an endless problem one thing after another. Takeru needed to deal with high school, his crush, her mom, the dark secret of his family, and the mysterious kid. He would often imagine his life as an RPG game which can be disracting sometimes because it intertwines with the reality scenes. It’s hard to distinguished which is imagination to the reality. The art is still quite mediocre.

I also found the atmosphere so much depressing. The scenes were like from a soap opera where it was angsty & dramatic. With all the things happening it was hard to symphatize with Takeru. I was only interested to the mysterious kid who always appeared in front of Takeru’s house. Somehow this kid knows everything that has happened to Takeru. It’s all intruiging, he kind of reminded me of Rin from PSME.

I gave up reading after the first volume. It was a little stale and draggish. Don’t get me wrong I love PSME, but I’ll pass this one up. Go read Please Save My Earth instead that won’t disappoint.