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Kurogane 1


Kurogane (1/5)
Toume Kei
Del Rey

Chapters 1-4

Ok this series was weird. The first chapter resembled the story of Frankenstein. In this case our hero, Jintetsu was a young samurai who found a new body of steel given by an eccentric inventor named Genpachi. This series is not original yet it was unusual. Jintetsu lost his ability to speak that’s where his partner comes in play. Just like Hermes to Kino, Jintetsu had a talking sword.

At first I wasn’t so sure if the concept of the story would work, since it was the sword who does all the talking. In the latter, it was vaguely explained that the sword was somehow connected to Jintetsu brain. The series need some warming up to but once you get the hang of it should be a good read.

The art was subpar, a little sketchy but it was ok. I dunno if it was only me but I found some parts of the conversation a little laughable. It seemed like the series tried to be quirky from time to time.

Overall this was a nice read. If you like wandering samurai that focuses in character interactions, I would recommend this. Or if you like a series with characters like in Kino’s Journey you might find this appealing. I can clearly see that this series will be episodic now that the “main” story was over.

Interesting to see where Jintetsu’s journey will lead to..