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The Name of the Flower


The Name of the Flower (1/4)
Saitou Ken

Chapters 1-5

This slow moving manga series is about an orphaned high school girl named Chouko. She has been passed down from relatives to relatives ever since the day she had lost her parents. One of her relative, a novelist man pledged to take care of her until she goes to college.

At first Chouko is depressed, she stares into oblivion and let the day pass without doing anything. Kei, the lonely novelist, sets up terms of condition that while she stays at his place she has to help out with house chores, and some gardening. Thats the basic of the basic summarization of the plot.

The series is painstakingly melancholic. The narration of the events moves in such poetic rhythm and its intrecately written. It’s a bittersweet tale of two souls longing to be save from their inner self struggles. The series is much more focus in showing the human relationship. It examines the psychological side of this two estrange being that suffers some form of “social” withdrawal. In Chouko’s case its mostly because of the shock caused by the sudden dearh of her parents. While with Kei its a form of inner self destruction – for the lack of words. Kei is very much introvert, stern and reserved. They both find with each other a new ray of hope to cope up with life. This manga is just as inspiring and uplifting of human soul.

The series is realistically portrayed and its written in such mature mindset. We get to see the story from both the main characters point of views as the event Chouko came into Kei’s life. I like that we see their interaction and what they truly feel. Its believable and real. The metaphoric used of the flowers is a great contrast to the colorless former state of living Kei & Chouko used to be. Its nice to read the developing feelings of the main characters in each passing chapters.

Even with its sometimes repetitious start of the chapters and its quiescent atmosphere, The Name of the Flower is moving piece of manga. Its quite a powerful emotional driven series.

PS: One thing I don’t like is the incestuous theme used in this series. Incest is one of the things that doesn’t sit with me well. But I can overlook that as the series is solidly good. Recommended.


Two Flowers for the Dragon


Two Flowers for the Dragon (1/7)
Kusakawa Nari

(Chapters 1-4)

I finally managed to read Two Flowers for the Dragon! Yey! I have been meaning to check this series out for such a time now. I’m rather fond of CMXs titles even though I have not had the chance to check most of their series. They licensed mostly unknown series, weird and bizzare and often old series. Unfortunately they went out of business. So yeah, Two Flowers for the Dragon was one of the last series they never got to finish before they shutdown.

As happy as I am that I’ve finally read the first volume, I am as disappointed as to what happened to CMXs as this series. The concept of the story is what piqued my interest so I thought that the synopsis was unique, but after reading the first volume it was rather lackluster. The characters were generic – but seriously though, what series has a unique characters nowadays? – especially in shojo manga.. But anyway I never did liked any of the characters by the end of the volume.

Shakuya is the princess of the dragon clan that guards the oasis (their kingdom) and she is the next in line to inherit to rule the land. It has been their tradition that these ruler must marry a person of the most noble status or some sort.. Shakuya is bethrothed to Kuwan and all is perfect; but then Lucien came to picture who turned out to be her former fiance, as so happened everyone thought he died out of sandstorm incident, it wasn’t fully explained yet.. So now Shakuya ended up having two eligible candidate for a husband.. In order to determine who will take her hand in marriage a symbol of love is literally in graved in both of her hand. A magical tattoo of a foliage will reflect her feelings towards the two guys. Whomever fauna blooms the most will be her husband..

Sounds rather interesting huh but in the end I could have only hoped for a better storyline. It started out ok but then as the story goes it seemed rather episodic I couldn’t care less about any of the trio. The characterization of them became cliche. Not much happened in the first volume, it just showed the differences of the two guys. I am definitely on Kuwan’s side since Lucien seemed to be just a happy go lucky guy who have lots of free time atm.. I normally root for the other guy instead of the main guy but in here we still don’t know who the “main guy” is.. I have this weird feeling that Lucien will win by just how things was played out. Its rather obvious that this series is set up for a Lucien-Shakuya pair but I’m seriously on Kuwan, he’s just more established I guess. Lucien went missing for 5 years and for that same time, Kuwan & Shakuya had been together.

I also dislike the fact that Shakuya seem like in her teen age, but Kuwan is 26 years old. I assume Lucien is older or in the same age as Kuwan. Both Shakuya and Lucien’s age hasn’t been mentioned yet. I don’t really like big age gap in my series, I find it abit creepy, lol.

Interesting fact though, most of the author’s series has been licensed by CMX. I dunno if her titles did good on sales but I have read another series of her, The Recipe for Gerturde and I liked that one better than this one. But I remember I only liked the first couple of its volumes.. I think it was because the series turned into episodic rather than having to focus on one or two main story arc.. It same as Two Flowers, the first volume never did had any relevant story. The story seemed to have no established plot so to speak..

I have another volume in hand, the ending left with a cliffhanger so I might check it and determine if I like the story to follow through.. But yeah its abit of a bummer. Oh and sometimes there were minor “I’m confused” moments. There were instances that I also don’t know who were supposed to be talking. Sometimes I couldn’t follow whats happening, like in the beginning when Lucien was first introduced that was abit of a mess. It may just only me though..

Tower of the Future


Tower of the Future (1/11)
Saki Hiwatari

Chapters 1-4

Here is another series from Saki Hiwatari. She’s the prominent author of Please Save My Earth a really great shojo series that revolves around reincarnated souls and supernatural occurances. One might expect that this series would be in the caliber of PSME, unfortunately it was not.

Volume 1 contained too much information all at once. It was an endless problem one thing after another. Takeru needed to deal with high school, his crush, her mom, the dark secret of his family, and the mysterious kid. He would often imagine his life as an RPG game which can be disracting sometimes because it intertwines with the reality scenes. It’s hard to distinguished which is imagination to the reality. The art is still quite mediocre.

I also found the atmosphere so much depressing. The scenes were like from a soap opera where it was angsty & dramatic. With all the things happening it was hard to symphatize with Takeru. I was only interested to the mysterious kid who always appeared in front of Takeru’s house. Somehow this kid knows everything that has happened to Takeru. It’s all intruiging, he kind of reminded me of Rin from PSME.

I gave up reading after the first volume. It was a little stale and draggish. Don’t get me wrong I love PSME, but I’ll pass this one up. Go read Please Save My Earth instead that won’t disappoint.