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Future Diary 12


Future Diary (12/12)
Esuno Sakae
Defunct from Tokyopop

Chapters 55-59

Glad I’m finished with this series. Its down right an entertaining briskly read. With the exception of unpredictable Yuno the casts are one-note and shallow. The story could’ve been well written but instead these future holders became much “the holder of the volume” person. Most of the thing that happened in this series were contrived and some of the diary holders didn’t played an integral part to the story. Some came across as they were merely used just to push the main characters to their next “diary” encounters. Its a pretense of a smart series but in fact its a bizzare “romance” kind of twisted story wrapped around a great premise.

Despite its hugely flawed storyline it had its fair amount of suspense to hold your attention. Especially about Yuno. It’s a nice quick read if you’re running of series to check out. I don’t recommend it though.

Future Diary failed to deliver a thought provoking series. The author seemed too caught up tying what might have been a potentially mind boggling piece but suffered from an underwhelming plot twists and the lack of character depth.

Taken everything in consideration, some parts of the story could not be taken seriously as there is a sheer amount of bullshittery.

But hey, I applaud Future Diary for driving me on the edge of my seat. Got me all pissed and annoyed. Oh and props as well for being the first series I have completed and having my oh so FOBulous reviews.


Future Diary 11


Future Diary (11/12)
Esuno Sakae
Defunct from Tokyopop

Chapters 49-44


Batshit. So yeah all I can say is BS Crap. I hate this series. I hate YUKI especially. How the hell did Yuno managed to become God in the “first” world. It’s seemed like it was written out of whim. Like seriously this series is full of major plotholes. I thought you could only be God if everyone else died but you.

I hate this shit. The time leap should’ve been much explained like how the hell Yuno managed to be God in the first time when everyone was alive? Or is it me not understanding this shit? It all doesn’t make a very clear logic. Well nevermind about the time leap shit, even though one might overlooked that mere fact since its time travelling sort of different timezone happening at the same time. Maybe it happened like that but what I just can’t get over is the silly little details.

For real am I supposed to believe Yuno went back in time to change the future. But she had to kill her former self because it will only caused problem, go figure. But that’s not the point, in this “second” world her former body became rotten at the same rate as her parents corpse? Its very flawed. At the very least her first world body should’ve been much fresher? Oh and yeah that is why in the earlier volumes, Yuno not being the “real” Yuno was being highlighted -to say the least is because of this huge plot twist. Well yeah it really isn’t much of a revelation since I guess I figured that something will eventually be explained as the circumstances around Yuno was dragged up until this part of the story. So yeah it was kind of expected that the impact of the twist suffered.

The logical reasonings behind the action of all the characters in this series is damn right annoying. I just want to stab each and everyone of them especially YUKI who managed to be one of the most annoying main character. I hate this.

It may had a great premise about Future Diaries holders killing to be a ruler but the latter parts of the story fails to give it a much better storyline.

I don’t wanna mention this but like seriously anyone would eventually die fighting (especially with sharp objects involved) while reading your diaries! In each of every fight scenes these characters would read things in their diaries so to take advantage of the situation. If we’re being rational that will just be a cause of death. Like don’t text while driving? I guess its hard not to think of a logical reason to this series after all the batshit that have happened.

But hey its a Psychological series so we’re just to expect to accept that so to speak.


Well I will be reading the last volume as its the rational thing to do.

Future Diary 10


Future Diary (10/12)
Esuno Sakae

Chapters 44-48

I gave up trying to resonate with this series. Theres a handful batshit stuff in here, I mean it as a negative remark. I hate some of its logic and the characters actions.

First off I hate how the characters would cooperate then would threat to kill each other if things doesn’t go according to plan. Like how Uryuu Minene would try to kill Yuki then would cooperate. This happened most of the time in this series. Most of these characters ended up having shallow personalities or had too contrived action that doesn’t sits well with me. They’re all improbable plastics.

This series is degrading of moral standards. You have Yuki that wants to become God in order for him to bring his parents back to life but for the cost of numerous lives in the process. Then Yuno even though I like her, she’s portray here as a thing for Yuki to use and thus making it all shameful.

These are some of the things I can’t come to like about this series. But there were also nice thing that had happened in this volume. Minene (the 9th) had her symphatetic story told before meeting her end. I find it quite moving but all at the same time it feels like the author just tried to have something to fill up the void of otherwise emotionless series.

Surprisingly, well not really Akise’s role to the story is somewhat relevant. But then again, it just made the plot OH so HARD to grasp. He just managed to complicate and break the rules of the game. But anyway I guess it fits the series nonsensical circumstances. But its pretty darn cool seeing him rise just like the sailor soldiers transforming. lol

Yuno’s identity is still being played as part of the story. Like what the hell. Its alittle too draggish now don’t you think. It seems of minor importance but the series keep pounding back to it so I guess there is a “BIG” revelation near the end.. Lol maybe she had an evil twin sister?

One thing that this volume lacked of is YUNO. She suddenly became like a supporting character she acted like a puppet for the most part and never really gotten a spotlight.

Strange, I have been talking shit about this series but I find it very easy to read. Something is definitely wrong with me.. It’s just really quite an easy read but then it doesn’t have much on an impact for me. A little shallow character wise.